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11 April, 1977 ~
El Paso, TX, United States

Dear family and friends,
since Gavin‘s passing on January 7th 2022 nothing has been the same. A wonderful person is gone - and yet will never be forgotten. This is why I... Read more >
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This site created on 23 March, 2022, and last updated on 8 February, 2024.

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Message from Katrin Hicks (wife)

"For Gavin it was very important to draw attention to the mental condition he suffered from so tremendously: bipolar disorder. Let‘s keep those in mind as well, who are still... " Read more >

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Lena   May 8, 2022

Dear Gavin

I think about you so often and I miss you.
My fiancé‘s brother is suffering from the same illness. He has to go through the unforeseen, unpredictable ups ... Read more >

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