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In Remembrance of Rik Mayall

7 March, 1958 ~ 9 June, 2014
Harlow, Essex, United Kingdom

Richard Michael "Rik" Mayall (7 March 1958 – 9 June 2014) was an English comedian, writer and actor. Mayall was best known for his comedy partnership with Adrian "Ade" Edmonds... Read more >
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Memory by AbrokKex   Dec 19, 2017
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Вполне естественно, что перед заказом и стартом применения таких средств логично будет зайти на портал с отзывами и увидеть опыт других людей, отличный пример развернутого отзыва вы можете отыскать на страничке отзывы о сборе серафимы

Всегда помните про то, что употребление любых средств медицинского назначения надо согласовывать с врачами, а на заниматься самодеятельностью.
Memory by Anjali   Nov 26, 2015
Room only means a room in which to sleep and no meals. Depending on the establishment, it might inculde a small refrigerator and an electric tea kettle with a selection of tea, coffee, etc. for you to make yourself. Self-catering means you get a room to sleep. Meals are not inculded. It DOES inculde a hob/oven/stove upon which to cook your own meals, a refrigerator, and a selection of kitchen appliances, pots and pans, utencils, plates, glasses and mugs, and other things necessary for meal preparation and dining. The variety and inventory depend upon the quality/rating/price of the establishment. You didn't ask, but half board means you get a room and breckfast. Full board means you get a room, breckfast, lunch and dinner. All-inclusive usually applies to resorts where one price inculdes your room, all meals, drinks, and activities within the resort.
Memory by Ian lock   Sep 30, 2014
When Rik was on tv it was such a big event in our house. We all would laugh like loons when Bottom was on or some other show he was in. I can't believe he's gone and can't believe I'll never hear him scream "Eddie you complete BASTARD" again. He was my favourite comedian of all time. I want to thank him for all the fantastic memories and I went to see Bottom live 4 times and I've never laughed at any other show as much as I did watching Richie and Eddie fight!!!
Memory by aj   Jul 28, 2014
Memory by Emma   Jul 26, 2014
When I heard the news I had to sit down, dumbfounded, in complete and utter shock. 'Rik Mayall can't be dead', I thought, 'he just can't be. He's Rik f***ing Mayall!'. Sadly this was no joke, and I cried every night for about a week afterwards.

Now, since that awful sunny June afternoon, there's hardly been a day that's gone by where I haven't thought about Rik. This man was responsible for some of my happiest memories to date, many of which came from quite tough and personal times.

That's what made Rik so talented, special, and wonderful; you could be having the worst day you've ever had, then you'd watch something with him in it, and you'd be laughing away like a loon.

They say that the flame that burns twice as bright, burns half as long. In your case Rik, that was true and then some. But even though you're gone, you'll be burning away for a long time yet, me ol' matey Bob's your uncle - because every time someone watches your work and laughs, your anarchic spirit and sense of fun will live on. And what an incredible gift that is to leave us all.

Condolences to your wife and children, your many friends and colleagues, and all your fans around the world who are feeling this loss just as intensely. You really are a pan-global phenomenon, you complete and utter b*****d!
Memory by cherry clarke   Jul 15, 2014
On June 9th 2014 my life was changed forever when my childhood was taken away from me!! Rik Mayall was more than just a comedian he was a pan global phenomenon he touched my life with his laugh his jokes his smile and his zest for life!! Love does go on with out Mister Mayall but without you in it its just alot less funny!! My only regret was not either meeting you or writing to you! My love goes to your family Barbara, Rosie, Sid and Bonnie in this time!! You'll never be forgotten as your in the hearts of so many!!

With love and violence

Cherry xxx
Memory by Kerrie Durrant   Jul 14, 2014
Was just a normal day in June
When I heard that you had gone so soon
I couldn't walk, I couldn't breathe
I started to cry , i started to grieve
How could a man so wonderful be gone
If there is a god, he got it so wrong
You brought the world laughter
Like there had never been before
Another episode of bottom finished
You would leave us wanting more
A kick in the knackers and frying pan fights
Going trick or treating just wearing tights
You and Ade made a wonderful team
But it was you, dear Rik that made our televisions gleam
Rick, Richie, B'stard or Fred
Flash, Kevin, Dad, there all in my head
You were a Pan Global Phenomenon
Who was taken too fast
But your legend and your genius
You built it to last
So RIP Rik, thanks for the laughter
But we miss you always, and here ever after x

K Durrant 9-7-14 7am

Memory by Suzanne Smith   Jul 14, 2014
There are simply no words to describe how much I loved and admired this man. A comedy genius, wonderful serious actor as well, generous to co-workers, gracious to fans and actually excited to meet them, a warm, lovely, charming family man. My heart goes out to Barbara, Rosie, Sid, and Bonnie. Nothing can replace your loss. His legend lives on in his many performances for generations to come. Huzzah and bang on, people's poet forever, Rik Mayall!
Memory by Monica Flynn   Jun 19, 2014
Rip rik thoughts with your wife & family xxx
Memory by Jonathan in Wantage   Jun 18, 2014

Saw Rik at the Oxford Apollo in December 1989.

A fantastic show!

A sad loss of someone who had a lot more to give.
Memory by Lee Rowthorne   Jun 12, 2014
The Young Ones was like no other show I had ever seen and set a new standard of comedy. I loved your anarchic energy you brought to all your roles. I particularly loved TYO, Bottom, The New Statesman, Four Men in a Car and Mr Jolly Lives Next Door. Eat the Rich was a wonderful, timely film. You are a legend and my hero. Thanks for all the laughs Rik. Bombs!
Memory by Ben Cooper   Jun 11, 2014
Rik Mayall was one of my first experiences of comedy and remained my favourite till the end. As a young lad in the 80's and 90's he was a staple of British humour and his characters were constantly quoted in my house by myself and my brothers. To think we will never see his animated face in anything new again leaves my heart feeling very heavy. His sense of intellectual mayhem coupled with his downright silly antics that only he could get away with makes me sure the world will never see the likes of this again. Rik, on behalf of my generation I thank you for the laughter, the sarcasm, the scathing wit and the sense that someone out there still understood the true meaning of the word ridiculous! The world has lost one of it’s true greats, and although I never had the pleasure of meeting you in person, rest assured you have made more of an impact then many I have.

The ‘Peoples Poet’ may be dead but will never be forgotten. 'Woof!'
Memory by peter ferguson   Jun 10, 2014
Rik mayall was a comic genius if ever you were having a bad day just a glimpse of Rik in either the young ones or bottom brought a smile to your face followed by lots and lots of laughter ,my favourite has to be bottom together with ade edmonson they were different class, classic line along with many many others Riks character Ritchie in bottom pretending to be a Falklands veteran in a pub, ten years i was fighting in the Falklands ten long years rofl gets me everytime RIP rik comic genius .
Memory by L Phelan (Australia)   Jun 10, 2014
Such a huge loss to the world of comedy!

How ironic .... And all the grown-ups will say, But why are the kids crying?" And the kids will say, "Haven't you heard? Rick is dead".
Sadly we are all crying.

R.IP. Rik Mayall, thank you for the laughs.
Memory by Helen Andrews   Jun 9, 2014
When I was in High School The Young Ones was THE SHOW we all watched and re-hashed the next day at school. ALL my family (Mum included) loved it, and to this day there isnt one family gathering or event that isnt improved by various Young One's quotes from all of us. A huge loss to british comedy.
Memory by tim   Jun 9, 2014
Here are some of his most memorable lines and scenes:

As Lord Flashheart in Blackadder II:
(To Baldrick [Sir Tony Robinson], dressed in drag as a bridesmaid): "Thanks bridesmaid, like the beard. Gives me something to hang on to!"

As hero pilot Squadron Leader Lord Flashheart in Blackadder Goes Forth (1989):
Flashheart: All right men, let's do-oo-oo it! The first thing to remember is: always treat your kite [taps chalkboard picture of a biplane] like you treat your woman [whips the air with his cane].

As Alan B'Stard in The New Statesman (1987-92):
"Why should we, the country that produced Shakespeare, Christopher Wren, and those are just the people on our banknotes for Christ's sake, cower down to the countries that produced Hitler, Napoleon, the Mafia, and the the the, the the the, the the the Smurfs!" "Remember my friends, God is dead. Marx is also dead. But the market lives. The market must become your new God."

As Richard "Richie" Richard in Bottom (1991-1995):
Richie: Some people are short-tempered, aren't they?

Eddie Hitler (Adrian Edmondson): Yeah, well, about four or five thousand of 'em, by the looks of things.

Richie: Yeah. But it's wonderful, though, Eddie. I mean, look. All the local communities are out there, on the streets.

Eddie: Beating the sh*t out of each other.

Richie: Yeah! Oh, I love carnival time. Oh, look at that policeman over there!

Eddie: Which one?

Richie: The one jumping up and down, waving his arms.

Eddie: The one that's on fire?

Richie: Yeah!
Memory by simon   Jun 9, 2014
I remember watching the Young Ones as a kid. Fantastic !

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