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In Remembrance of Neil Armstrong

5 August, 1930 ~ 25 August, 2012
Wapakoneta, OH, United States

Neil Alden Armstrong (August 5, 1930 August 25, 2012) was an American astronaut, test pilot, aerospace engineer, university professor and United States Naval Aviator. He was... Read more >
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Memory by Recep   Mar 9, 2013
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Memory by Russ   Aug 26, 2012
Thank you Neil for pointing the way to our future. As long as there are history books, your life will be remembered.
Memory by DC   Aug 26, 2012
It is quite rare in the course of human events- and the brief life spans granted our species- to say we've all shared time and space with an individual who will truly be remembered centuries after all the trials and tribulations of our times have long faded into footnoted oblivion. Neil Alden Armstrong was one of those individuals.

Myself and family were quite fortunate to have met the Apollo 11 crew at a reception in the U.S. Embassy in London back in October, 1969, less than 90 days after the Apollo 11 moon landing, when the crew was in the midst of their world tour. An affable and reserved Armstrong, dressed in a classic, 'Mad Men-era' business suit and narrow tie, arrived along with fellow crewmen Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins and their wives, from a meet and greet w/Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace. It remains a high point of my life. Armstrong dutifully shook hands with all, accepted a plaque, chatted, presented a short NASA film about the flight to the assembled group and took the time to sign a photo for us. That photo still hangs in my home today. And I am sadden by Neil's passing. But so very, very proud of his legacy for our country and how he managed the burden of being the first human being in the history of everything to set foot on another world. To date, twelve men have walked on the moon. All Americans. Yesterday there were nine left alive. Today, that number drops to eight; the first of them, a charter member in the world's most exclusive, out-of-this world club, to walk there has left us. Condolences to the Armstrong family and the broader NASA family as well. Ad Astra, Neil. Ad Astra.
Memory by Dave Murphy (UK)   Aug 26, 2012
I remember sitting at my desk in Junior School, watching along with the teachers the momentous moment of your great achievement.
You have always been (to me) a man to be admired, humble over both the achievement and the bravery to do the job you were sent to do.

You may not have lived forever - but your name will.

Rest in piece.
Memory by Eric Fischer   Aug 25, 2012
Through a crude refracting telescope, I saw the Apollo 11 engines burst to life, sending Neil and his crew up and on to the Moon. Long after most Presidents of the United States fade into remote historial foot notes, the name Neil Armstrong will still be well known. He has achieved a kind of immortality we can only dream of.

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