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In Remembrance of Neil Armstrong

5 August, 1930 ~ 25 August, 2012
Wapakoneta, OH, United States

Neil Alden Armstrong (August 5, 1930 – August 25, 2012) was an American astronaut, test pilot, aerospace engineer, university professor and United States Naval Aviator. He was... Read more >
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Candles and Flowers

Posted by omar
Sep 29, 2021  

Posted by Debbie
Oct 19, 2012  
RIP,Now you are in the Heavens...Maybe you are now the man on the moon :) I was born 1 Month before you would change the world as we knew it :)

Posted by EpsiEri
Sep 13, 2012  
I was born almost thirty years after you made that historic step onto the Moon, but I feel the same awe and excitement every time I watch the footage. You will always have my respect and admiration.

Posted by Scott & Carol Holmes
Sep 4, 2012  
Hopefully man will someday follow in your footsteps again. You courage will always be and inspiration, as well as your coolness under pressure. Our prayers for your family.

Posted by Jorryn
Aug 29, 2012  
you were one of the bravest sons who had the fire to explore the unknown... We pray to Lord Jesus Christ for the bereaved family members

Posted by Daniel
Aug 29, 2012  
Rest in peace

Posted by Riyad
Aug 27, 2012  
May Allah Rest his Soul In Peace

Posted by ys
Aug 27, 2012  

Posted by John Walker
Aug 27, 2012  
You were one of the finest human beings who ever lived, whenever we look up at the Moon, we will think of you.
There's your memorial sir, 400,000 Km above us all. Fly Free Neil, you have slipped the surly bonds of Earth and left us with good memories of you.

Posted by Mauro L.
Aug 27, 2012  
Thank you for your stoic bravery, unrelenting attention to detail and for being a real hero.

Posted by A Pennington
Aug 27, 2012  

Posted by Viktor
Aug 27, 2012  

Posted by sandra phillips
Aug 27, 2012  
RIP Neil. A hero to many

Posted by Charles Foyt II
Aug 27, 2012  
Rest in peace Neil Armstrong.

Posted by Zoltán Lauer
Aug 27, 2012  
Rest in peace, Neil Armstrong. You were my hero.

Posted by Mani Sitaraman
Aug 26, 2012  
Rest in peace, Neil Alden Armstrong.

Posted by gaby
Aug 26, 2012  
R.I.P Mr Armstrong.
Prayers from Germany

Posted by Bob Yallop
Aug 26, 2012  
Neil, you are a true hero, not only to Americans but to many around the world, the world is a lesser place with your passing, but your inspiration remains, God Speed and Rest In Peace.

Posted by holly
Aug 26, 2012  
To a true American hero!

Posted by Zdenek Navratil
Aug 26, 2012  
I was a young guy in 1969. You and all the people collaborating on this achievement have made me proud to be a human being.
Thank you.

Posted by amar jaiswal
Aug 26, 2012  
Rest in Peace Neil......

Posted by Ujjwal Singh
Aug 26, 2012  
Centuries will come Centuries will go, we will never forget you.The moon also mourns on the death of its first visitor.
RIP the hero of mankind...Neil Armstrong. You were my first inspiration.
Thank you for everything Neil... " To infinity....and beyond! "

Posted by Mitchel Wilkinson
Aug 26, 2012  
Lingering in my university's machine shop one day, I fell into a conversation about Apollo with an old-timer from Grumman. He told me that the first time you saw the LEM, you called it \'a toaster with lights\'. He smiled, and said really, for all he and his friends had done, you weren\'t that far off. Then he smiled, and looked up.

I'm much too young to have seen the Eagle land, but as I sit here now, thinking about what you made it do, for the old-timer and for all mankind, this engineer may just have realized what it is that old-timer meant.

Sic itur ad astra. Godspeed Neil.

Posted by Robert Richard
Aug 26, 2012  
Thank you for the inspiration Neil!

Posted by Becky Bonde
Aug 26, 2012  
Your footsteps will last forever...

Posted by Tony LeGore
Aug 26, 2012  
I was a shy 12 year old kid when I watched you walk on the Moon. You were an inspiration for millions. God Rest in Peace.

Posted by Mike
Aug 26, 2012  
A true inspiration for us all to never stop reaching for the stars and beyond. RIP Neil.

Posted by Frank Cufone
Aug 26, 2012  
A true hero. Godspeed Neil Armstrong

Posted by Murray Singleton
Aug 26, 2012  
In the forest, a giant has fallen.

Posted by Steve E.
Aug 26, 2012  
God speed, Nril.

Posted by nick
Aug 26, 2012  

Posted by ALIEN-UFO
Aug 26, 2012  
Still one of the most amazing accomplishments in the modern age ......other than the success of the Kardashians

Posted by alexandra kalapothaki
Aug 25, 2012  

Posted by imnobody
Aug 25, 2012  
Rest in peace, Neil. A great inspiration for all the world. From Spain

Posted by P
Aug 25, 2012  

Posted by Charles Lurio
Aug 25, 2012  
Ave atque vale, Neil

Posted by Grant Strem
Aug 25, 2012  
As a stoic 32 year old in Canada, I found my eyes wetter than usual tonight. My condolances to family, friends, and space exploration enthusiasts.

Posted by Joanna
Aug 25, 2012  
Rest in Peace...

Posted by Rick Lentz
Aug 25, 2012  
Godspeed Neil Armstrong. Thank you for everything.

Posted by Marc McKenzie
Aug 25, 2012  

Posted by Mike
Aug 25, 2012  

Posted by Rick Freiheit
Aug 25, 2012  
God speed American hero. May you Rest in Peace.

Posted by Simon
Aug 25, 2012  

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