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In Remembrance of Nancy Breen Grade

16 August, 1932 ~ 11 August, 2016
Ukiah, CA, United States

Born Nancy Breen on August 16, 1932 in Cohasset, Mass.She moved to California and married Michael Pochna and had 3 children, Kathy, Mitch and Casey. She met the love of her li... Read more >
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This site created on 2 September, 2016, and last updated on 30 November, 2018.

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Message from Casey Eldredge (daughter)

"August 16, 1932- August 11, 2016 What matters most is the dash between those years, for it represents the time alive on Earth, and now only those who loved her know what that... " Read more >

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Lisa Lipshires   Dec 23, 2016
My first memory of my Aunt Nancy was when she came to visit my parents and me in New Britain, Connecticut. I must have been a very young child. I don't remember why I was doi... Read more >

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Nov 30, 2018
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Sep 3, 2016

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Sep 3, 2016
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Sep 2, 2016
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