In Remembrance of Jorge Luis Garcia

29 April, 1954 ~ 8 May, 2014
Weslaco, TX, United States

Text of the eulogy given at the funeral mass:
My father was a wonderful man. You all know this. He wasn't perfect, but he was generous and loving; strong-willed and hard... Read more >
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Memory by Sergio Rivera   Jun 1, 2014
I met Jorge in 2000, while in Florida while working, from that moment on, a friendship bloomed. As the years went by, that friendship only grew stronger. My brothers, Salvador, Saul and I, had the opportunity to learn from Jorge, about his knowledge of life, work, and family. I'm grateful for Jorge having the patience to teach me, what without his help, I wouldn't have been able to advance enough to be at the place I am today.

To us, Jorge was part of our family, like a brother to me, a grandfather to my three girls. Even know, as they have grown a few years older, they will never forget the memories they shared with Jorge as little girls.

We shall always remember him in our hearts, minds, and souls. I hope we always cherish those great memories with my carnal(what we would always call each other, like brother). We all miss you and love you Jorge.
Memory by Ashish   May 27, 2014

After we graduated from college, your dad took a group of us out to lunch. As we were getting seated, the waiter brought over a pile of plates and warned us not to pick them up yet because they were very hot. I picked one up very carefully, then exclaimed loudly (so you'd hear) that they weren't hot at all.

Hearing this, you picked up the entire stack and instantly screamed out loud, because they were insanely hot. You looked over to me, and I was cooling my hand on a cold glass of water saying "Worth it!"

Then I saw your dad, and he was doubled over in laughter. And I thought, that guy is awesome.

Memory by Mary (Swanberg) Adams   May 16, 2014
I am so sorry to hear of Jorge's passing. I haven't seen Jorge since I was in high school when he, Ruth and Emily used to live across the street from us in The Colony, Tx. It's been a long time but I will always remember how much my family loved Jorge and Ruth. He was always smiling and playing with us kids. His loss will truly be felt.
Memory by Ray Cervantes   May 12, 2014
Jorge had many great qualities, but above all he was devoted to his family, work, and friends. I met Jorge in 1986 in Santa Monica, CA. Although he didn’t know me that well, we started working together, and we became good friends. I remember him teaching me the tricks of the metal frame. Thank you Jorge, you were a friend, a mentor and a great man.

I (Judy) first met Jorge in 2000, when he invited our family to his home for a barbeque. That same day I met his lovely wife, Ruth – they both made us feel welcomed and part of their family. On numerous occasions, we visited him and he would play basketball and joke around with my children. Adam was only 4 years old and he can still remember Jorge allowing him to climb a tree – every young kids dream. He made my boys feel special!

I can recall Jorge visiting and it so happened that I had cooked ‘mole’ not knowing that it was his favorite dish. I’m sure it wasn’t the best he had tasted but he bragged how delicious it was. Every so often when I would cook mole, I made sure Jorge was invited or I’d fix an extra plate for lunch and have Ray take it to him.

We are blessed that you were a part of our family, you will be greatly missed!
Memory by Bert Murray   May 12, 2014
Dear Emily

Sorry to hear of Jorges passing. We had been looking forward to working with Jorge again. I am so glad that I spent a little time with Jorge recently.

We take comfort that Jorge was a believer in Jesus Christ and professed to be saved.

Please accept my condolences.

Let me know when the funeral will be, If I can help you in any way please let me know how.

Xavier is living in Dallas now, and would be helpful in any way I am sure.

When a man dies if you can say that he loved and was loved by others it tells volumes.

We all loved Jorge..

Sincerely, bert
Memory by David Poston   May 11, 2014
I first met Jorge in 1982,when we worked for the same construction company. We became friends quickly. Jorge, Ruth and Emily would meet Elaine, our 2 daughters ( Nena and Jessica) and I at Mr. Gattis Pizza every Tuesday for the buffet. Afterward we would go to their house in San Benito or our house in Harlingen and play cards till late into the night. While working on a hospital project in Ft. Worth, I lived with the family. I have so many incredible memories, all good, they will never be forgotten. God Bless You my dear friend. You are now reunited with your dear wife Ruth and your sweet mother. Sing with the angels.
Memory by Jean Kraeger   May 11, 2014
I remember Aunt Ruth saying her nieces and nephews couldn't get married until she did. Hobart and I were young and had our wedding planned over a year in advance and were wondering what Aunt Ruth was going to do? She was unpredictable.

A month before our wedding day, Aunt Ruth announced that she was married to Jorge. We all thought, "Who He??"

I wasn't around Jorge much because of the distance. I remember him as always being happy and smiling. A real pleasure to be around. He was a good fit to Ruth's family.

Emily, I know you have an abundance of memories that no one can take away from you. Cherish them and your parents will always live in your memory.

Much love,
Jean Kraeger

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