In Remembrance of Jorge Luis Garcia

29 April, 1954 ~ 8 May, 2014
Weslaco, TX, United States

Text of the eulogy given at the funeral mass:
My father was a wonderful man. You all know this. He wasn't perfect, but he was generous and loving; strong-willed and hard... Read more >
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Candles and Flowers

Posted by Rene, Norma Oliva and Family
May 14, 2014  
The measure of a man is, Not - \\\"how did he die\\\" But - \\\"how did he live\\\" Not - \\\"what did he gain\\\" But - \\\"what did he give\\\" Our dear cousin Jorge gave us so much, we will always have wonderful memories to treasure in our hearts. Although, our hearts ache we know his in total glory! Love you and miss you dear wonderful Jorge!
Emily, know we are here for you. You are in our prayers and sweetheart you are not alone. You are family and we are all here for you. We Love You

Posted by The Bowser's
May 14, 2014  
Hope your doing dancing with Ruth! We love you and will miss you!!

Posted by Maria Cristina Oliva
May 12, 2014  
Mi querido primo Jorge`s Garcia te quiero y te recordare siempre besos mi marido Juan José y mis hijos Kristy Rdz Oliva y Jesús Eduard . Que Dios tenga en su santo reyno . Dales señor el descanso eterna amen. Señor dale resignacion a la hijita y a mis primas y todos . Que siempre se haga tu santa voluntad .

Posted by Bill & Glenda Swanberg
May 11, 2014  
His spirit will be us and our hearts will ache for the rest of our life's. Jorge was special person.

Posted by Cindy Miller
May 10, 2014  
Such a gentle soul, kind heart and terrific father to a wonderful young lady.

Posted by David Wolf
May 10, 2014  
So sorry to hear! Christina plans on attending the funeral.

Posted by Maureen Miller
May 10, 2014  
Loved by all he touched. May God be always with him

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