In Remembrance of John P. Wheeler III

14 December, 1944 ~ 31 December, 2010
New York, NY, United States

True friends . . . face in the same direction, toward common projects, interests, goals.
- C. S. Lewis

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Posted by Paul
Oct 20, 2020  

Posted by Meriwether
Nov 11, 2014  
\"In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.\" -Einstein

I think you would agree Jack. Thank you for your service, and for your kindness, love, and warmth. We are bereft without you.

Posted by Laser Haas
Apr 15, 2014  
In remembrance of who Jack was, a good man of many accomplishments, may he RIP and justice prevail.

Posted by Meriwether
Apr 12, 2014  
I miss you Jack. And I love you.

Posted by Martin
Oct 4, 2013  
Rest in peace!

Posted by TC
Aug 5, 2013  
Respect and best wishes to family.

Posted by Lauri
Jan 9, 2012  
Have not forgotten you

Posted by Meriwether
Nov 11, 2011  
I watched the parade thinking of you. I honor you Jack, and all of those who serve this country.

Posted by Meriwether
Jul 25, 2011  
I miss you a lot today Jack. Byrd had a baby last Monday. 7lbs. 10oz. His name is Julius Meriwether Chaskes. I bet you'd have fun with that.

Bobby is taking the bar tomorrow. He has been studying like a mad man. He will be fine. Still nothing on the job front unfortunately, but he will focus on that again once this is behind him. I wish you could read the recommendations he's received from his professors.

I took my third CPA exam about a week and a half ago. I don't think I passed it. The next one is on Aug. 26th. I still have to wrap up school before I can get started on that which is stressful. But I start work at PwC in Sept. so that's exciting.

Also, we got Clara out! That was a feat. And we're selling the house. Byrd has already fund a place in Queens near Susan and Howie. Bobby and I are looking in Brooklyn.

Bobby and I have a trip to Europe planned for when all this nuttiness is behind us. I wish you were here to tell us about the important things we must not miss.

I love you.

Posted by Fred Benson
Jul 21, 2011  

Posted by Daniel Prakash James
May 18, 2011  
I never knew Mr Jack Wheeler personally, I only knew him through Rick Atkinson's The Long Gray Line -West Point's Class of 1966. It hurt to read that he had passed on like so many others before him. I believe he fought a good fight and the soldiers on the wall would always be grateful for the journey he went through to remember them. God Bless America and her Soldiers always.

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Posted by Al & Sue Nason
May 14, 2011  
Such a generous and contributing soul should not have been taken this way. Surely he now resides in a mansion of the Lord.

Posted by John Zierdt Jr.
May 1, 2011  
He loved West Point more than most of us.

Appreciated his friendship even though I disagreed with many of his air supremacy arguments. We have lost a real influential classmate.

Posted by Ed Hathaway
May 1, 2011  
He and I were Beast roommates along with Denny Loftheim and Tom Hayes. Always the one who had his Plebe poop memorized before any of us! And to leave us this way is beyond comprehension. He will be deeply missed.
Be Thou at Peace, Old Friend!

Posted by Brian W. Ashbaugh
May 1, 2011  
Jack was one of a kind. Generous with his time and always willing to give his assistance more than anyone I know. Our class has lost a gem. Kirsten and I will miss him dearly.

Posted by John
Apr 29, 2011  

Posted by Chic
Apr 29, 2011  

Posted by Dennis oates
Apr 26, 2011  

Posted by Carol G
Apr 2, 2011  
I never met Jack, but have been heart broken that someone killed such a wonderful man. This world needs more people like Jack.

Posted by Scott
Mar 30, 2011  

Posted by Angela
Mar 30, 2011  
I never met Jack, but all of his accomplishments and pictures of him smiling happily show he was a wonderful man. Rest in Peace. You are in my prayers.

Posted by Lauri
Mar 16, 2011  
prayers, recognition

Posted by Bill Thomas
Mar 8, 2011  
What a wonderful life you lived and what wonderful achievements you have made. You made a difference to the American soldier and for that we can all be proud. God speed Jack...Be thou at peace.

Posted by Nori
Mar 8, 2011  
Thank you for the wall and everything you accomplished in your lifetime. We will work on justice in your name.

Posted by Kip Becker
Mar 5, 2011  
Jack enlisted me for the VVLP and I have been grateful to him since the first day. Grateful to have known John and grateful for the experiences. He had more than a wish to enrich the lives of others it was a personal drive. He leaves me and all of us "VVLPers" proud to have been his fried and sadden that we have lost him. Thank you John for the wall you created. Someone of merit once said "walls make great neighbors". Your wall made that great neighborhood for all Vietnam Vets. We Thank you.

Posted by Robert Marko
Mar 2, 2011  
Thank you Jack for everything.

Posted by Linda
Mar 1, 2011  
Rest in Peace

Posted by Zy
Mar 1, 2011  

Posted by Irene
Mar 1, 2011  
Dear Jack, Thank you for your tireless and never ending service to this country. We will remember you always.

Posted by Ellen Cooper Klyce
Feb 28, 2011  

Posted by Byrd
Feb 28, 2011  
I love you, Jack

Feb 25, 2011  

Posted by Bill Richards
Feb 20, 2011  

Posted by Marcia
Feb 18, 2011  

Posted by Meriwether Schas
Feb 14, 2011  
I love you Jack.

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