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In Remembrance of Vanessa Michele Dorwart

3 March, 1994 ~ 25 February, 2010
Glenolden, PA, United States

Vanessa Michele Dorwart was a wonderful, beautiful young girl. She was a caring person. Who touched many people's lives. Vanessa enjoyed helping people. She had a amazing, car... Read more >
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Memory by vanessa   Dec 17, 2011
she was always there for me i even got my name from her because my mom loved so much it has almost been 3 years with out you that is a while my miss you so much because you passed a way on her birthday love you forever alway.
Memory by marrissa santoleri   Aug 7, 2010
vanessa was the most amazing person i knew, we grew up together & we had amazing memories from when we were little as we grew up its almost like it was yesterday that she passed i miss her beautiful smile & her beautful blue eyes but she will always be my angel god only takes the best

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