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In Remembrance of Pamela Kay Kuseski

16 February, 1949 ~ 6 February, 2014
Columbus, OH, United States

Pamela Kay Kuseski of Longmont, Colorado, passed away at home peacefully on February 6, 2014, after a long illness. She was born on February 16, 1949, in Columbus, Ohio, to F... Read more >
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Memory by Judy Spurgeon Reall   Aug 21, 2014
Pam was my second cousin, our fathers were first cousins. I remember her as a child growing up and I remember her wedding when my daughter and another cousin's daughter were the flower girls. It was a beautiful wedding and we enjoyed every minute of it. We saw Florence many times over the years in Ohio but lost touch with Pam and Roger when they moved to Colorado. In fact I did not know about her death until today. Roger and family, you have our deepest sympathy and prayers. Bob and Judy, Trout Creek, Montana and Satsuma, Florida.
Memory by Ida Petrey Gennetten   Mar 5, 2014
Pam was a person who was hard not to like. She was always kind to me. Rest In Peace, Pam. The pain and suffering are over for you. God has you in His loving hands now.
Memory by Donna Stout   Mar 5, 2014
I carried the newspaper when the regular carrier was on vacation. I will never forget the wonderfully delicious smells that came from the kitchen of the Spurgeon house. Florence was preparing dinner every day at just the time I delivered the paper. I thought Pam was so lucky...her mother was home to prepare dinner for the family. I didn't have that luxury because my mother had to work to make ends meet. One day I told Pam how lucky she was and she replied, "I know I am. Come and eat with us sometime, my mom is a good cook." I loved Florence so. While she was living back here in Ohio she filled the void left by the death of my mothrr. She and my mother were good friends in later years. I miss them both.

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