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In Remembrance of Mike Starr

4 April, 1966 ~ 8 March, 2011
Honolulu, HI, United States

Mike Starr (musician)

Michael Christopher "Mike" Starr (April 4, 1966 March 8, 2011) was an American musician, best known as the original bassist in Alice in Chains... Read more >
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Memory by Larsquabe   Sep 23, 2017
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Memory by Isi   Jun 27, 2017
beatiful soul, gorgeous man, rest in peace
i hope see u in the other life
Memory by Chris Pepitone   Apr 23, 2017
Mike, you are a beautiful person. You went through alot and I know you are an Angel in Heaven. Thank you for your hard work. You mean alot to me even though I never met you. Your music has always been with me. God rest your soul. You are missed so much. PEACE be with you. See you on the other side
Memory by sister anne   Apr 6, 2017
i remember so many great things about Mike Starr. he was an amazingly sweet guy. Also he was hilarious! one of the funniest people i've ever met. i will aLways smile & feel lucky to have known such a person, whenever i think of Mike

Memory by Rememberer   Mar 19, 2016
I will never forget the unique, brave, strong & hilarious person you were. Any who had the good fortune to really know you were blessed, beyond lucky. A loyal & giving friend... you will always be remembered
Memory by Buda   Nov 26, 2015
Hot damn, loonkig pretty useful buddy.
Memory by sandra cantrell   Feb 7, 2014
save a spot for me I will find al my friends real soon love you to
you were on days away from me coming to Salt Lake City You never gave me a number to get in tounch with you if I got there but at least I said I loved you and missed you a lot
Memory by Honeybee   May 11, 2012
I miss u and I remember our night of heavenly bliss you were so sweet to me and I'm so lucky to had touch you my heart is broken now you are gone I know we meet again and you me Payne Kurt Paul gray can teach the angels how to rock love you babe xxxsee you on the other side xxxx
Memory by Lisa   Apr 25, 2012
I wish we had met I liked you for many years rip gorgeuse and we meet one day on the other side xx
Memory by Elizabeth Saint   Feb 26, 2012
RIP Mike Starr. I got to see the vulnerbility of this tortured star on Celeb Rehab. What a beautiful soul. I wish that you were still here, the difference that you could've made in peoples lives with your true blue experience and heart would've been something else. The world has missed out on the help from an earth angel. God bless your dear mother.
Memory by Melissa Bell   Dec 5, 2011
I'm happy to know that you've finally found peace, but sad you couldn't find that here on Earth. We're naked without you. Love you much, ROCK ON!!!
Memory by shelley watson   Aug 27, 2011
Hi, I didn't know Mike except on celebrity rehab, I think that Dr. Drew and staff really did a great job working with Mike. Mike was sober for 7 months thanks to the help he got. I understand the demons we fight in that situation and they never go away. Mike did his best and touched alot of peoples hearts and some souls along the way as well.

Shelley Watson

Memory by JC   May 24, 2011
I never got the pleasure of meeting Mike Starr, but I have been a Alice In Chains fan since I was about six years old. I'm now nineteen, and Alice In Chains remains a great outlet for me. I was heart broken to hear of Mike's death, especially after watching Celebrity Rehab (which I only watched to hope for and support Mike's journey). Even when Mike was having a hard time and was acting out, it was so clear to me to see that he was such a great man. His sturggles only make me able to relate to him even more. I had a rough childhood and I took to music very young, it was my only escape. The first song I ever heard by Alice In Chains was Rain When I die, and I fell in love! There's something so beautiful and dark in the music, and it really touches me on a deep level. I use to do drugs, sit in my room all messed up for days and play along to Alice In Chains, or just listen to album after album, I never got sick of it! I remember the day when I heard that Layne had passed away, and now years later Mike has joined him. I sincerly hope that both Mike and Layne are at peace now, Rock on brothers!!! It would be impossible for me to EVER forget either of you, Because the music you produced and the people you were, inspiried me to be myself, live my way, and rock the shit out of my bass gutair! Alice In Chains changed my life; Thank you for that. REST PEACEFULLY, we love you always! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox.
Memory by Anita   Apr 29, 2011
It is always sad and SOOO heart-breaking to see another fellow traveler stuggle and then not make it along the long road to recovery. Mike you were just a kid, and had so much to give, I'm sure may who loved you that did not know you are greiving, which those that did, will never quit get over your death.

Rest in Peace Fellow Traveler
Memory by Patrica Campbell   Mar 13, 2011
Mike you will be so missed. I hope you know just how much you were loved. We all watched and prayed for your recovery. We never gave up on you! Ever! Now we pray for the healing of those left behind. Thank you for all that you did for so many suffering from addiction. One day we'll all gather together. Love you brother!
Memory by connie walker   Mar 13, 2011
Memory by Robin Mink   Mar 12, 2011
I love you Mike. I never gave up on you. Sometimes you have to take two steps back in order to get your footing again. We all knew that. Save a spot for me. I'll see you when I get there.
Memory by Kimberly Bennett   Mar 11, 2011
mike i think you said it best when you said you feel naked here without layne on earth. i am so sorry for your struggles. you are missed so desperately, i hope you know how much. i know you are at peace & with layne now. i will always remember you as the greatest bassist of the greatest band of all time!! rock on, my friend!
Memory by Richard Magnuson   Mar 11, 2011
Rest in peace Mike...i have been fighting the same disease for years. Had hoped he would make it. I felt like i knew him from watching his battles on tv. I know all to well all his sympotoms and temper from sickness. No more pain my brother.
Memory by ob   Mar 11, 2011
when tom sizemore nasty trap saying DONT SAY DOPESICK TO ME!!!! he was showing his ignorance n his assholesness, kicking smack is 3 to 5 daze, kicking 100mg of methadone can takes years!!!!! R.I.P. my brother mike!!! no more waiting to score where your at, no more lonliness no more junk sickness n lying/cheating yourself. smack will take it all, n than putrock into d picture???? DEATH! thanks d lord i stoppe d uppers years ago!!! u were a great bass player!!!
Memory by Ray S   Mar 10, 2011
AIC was never the same after Mike left and Layne knew it. They lost that magic. One of the greatest underrated rock bands of all time. Mike was such a good guy,so genuine and real. A very sad couple of days for me. You are the best Mike..
Memory by Shane   Mar 10, 2011
RIP're jamming with Layne again, just like you always should have been.
Memory by Neil   Mar 10, 2011
Memory by Simon   Mar 10, 2011
Mike Starr was a great guy and Alice in Chains is a great band.

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