In Remembrance of John Halewood

2 May, 1947 ~ 15 October, 2011
Wallasey, United Kingdom

*** The Memorial Service for John Halewood will take place at 7.00pm on Monday 7th November at Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral ( ***
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"This site is a place where people can record their condolences and memories of John. These will be shared with his family."

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Brad Berkman-Miami   Nov 22, 2011
I am glad that I had the opportunity to meet John and his family. The time that I spent with John and his family were most enjoyable and his generosity will be remembered. The... Read more >

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Photo Gallery

By Peter Chumbley
Nov 8, 2011

By Peter Chumbley
Nov 8, 2011
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Candles & Flowers

By Major James Joynson
Nov 9, 2011

By Juan Bucher
Nov 2, 2011
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