In Remembrance of Jay Frank Heseltine

1 May, 1960 ~ 8 July, 2012
Victoria, BC, Canada


HESELTINE, Jay Frank On Sunday, July 8th our hearts filled with sorrow when Jay peacefully left us. Surrounded by family and friends... Read more >
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Memory by Cindy   May 1, 2020
Happy birthday, Jay. You should be celebrating your 60th birthday today, having some laughs and bringing your good cheer to all those around you. We miss you every day, Jay 💕
Memory by Cindy   Jul 9, 2017
Time is flying by, Jay. It's been 5 years since you left us, and those closest to you (including me) still think of you and miss you every day. As the years go by, the pain and grief of your passing does lessen and although we are still sad, we can take some solace in the wonderful memories that we shared. Although you didn't realize it yourself, you were a very special person, Jay, so kind and smart, and we could never forget that dry sense of humor that had everyone in stitches. Addiction is a terrible disease and if we could turn back time, maybe we would have all made better decisions. Love always, Cindy 💕
Memory by Cindy   Jul 8, 2015
Jay, I have been walking through memory lane these last few days. I spent time with Mark and Jen, I visited some of our old buddies from Sherwood Park that we golfed and curled and partied with (Art and Elaine, Al and Bev, Jane, Brian and Eileen, Shirley and Diane), I dropped by Chelsea Way and saw Dale, and tonight I visited with Bill and Chris. These people all cared alot about you, Jay. There may be tears but there are also great memories .... you are missed.
Memory by Cindy   Aug 21, 2014
"The worst type of crying isnt the kind everyone can see. No, the worst kind happens when your soul weeps and no matter what you do, there is no way to comfort it."

Jay, I will never forget the love, the adventure, the grandiosity of the effect that you made upon my life. Memories haunt me and remind me of the life we shared from the day we met in 1980; I'm thankful for the parts we shared, and regretful for the parts we missed. I lost a piece of my heart the day you left, I will always miss your friendship and presence in my life...
Memory by Deb   Jul 8, 2014
Today marks 2 years since you left us. I think of you everyday and all the wonderful plans we had for our future. I have made wonderful friends in Cindy and your sister Shell and if it wasn't for their support l don't think l would have made.
You stole a piece of my heart all those years ago when we were first together and lam glad we found each other again.
Love you and miss you Jay xxxx
Memory by Shell   Jul 8, 2014
Two years have passed and you are in my thoughts everyday. There are so many reminders! Cindy was just here for a visit and we laughed about you and Adrian and your Trailer Park Boys imitations! You always made us laugh and I know how much you enjoyed that. If wishes could bring you back you would be with us, because I wish it everyday. I miss you Jay.
Memory by Deb   Dec 24, 2013
Merry Christmas, miss you lots
Memory by Deb   Jul 8, 2013
Its so hard to believe a year has gone by without you. Miss you all the time, its been a hard year for everyone, we get by the best we can with the wonderful memories we have of you. You are forever in my HEART.
Love you Baby

Deb xoxox
Memory by Shell   Jul 8, 2013
July 8, 2013 - It is hard to believe a year has passed. It feels like yesterday yet have missed you for what seems like an eternity. So much sadness, so much anger as well. You left us much too soon Jay. I am here in Victoria and we talk about you everyday. Okay, all the time! We are heading out to Mystic Beach today....and you will be with us as always. Please guide us in this very important trip.
Love you little bro,
Memory by Shell   Apr 30, 2013
This is year 1 - the first of your birthdays without you. I got a reminder today from an e-card site that I always used to send you a birthday greeting. My heart sank. As if I needed a reminder.
Everyday, I think of you and miss you Jay. In my life, the only thing more important than you has been my children. I miss you and love you. My heart aches every day and will forever.
Memory by Deanna Nieforth   Jul 30, 2012
The first time I met Jay was when he started at Victoria Epicure -he said some sort of whitty one liner thinking he was King ;)and I had a come back for him - he said Yes! we are going to get along just fine! And we did!!
Will Miss you Jay!
Memory by Brenda Towne   Jul 30, 2012
July 16th - Shell, my heart goes out to you at the passing of Jay. I remember him fondly from Strathcona Elementary and Central Collegiate.
Memory by Lena & Mike West   Jul 29, 2012
We met Jay and Cindy at the Juan de Fuca Curling Club when they first moved to Victoria. We remember Jays keen eye as a skip and his tactic in shot making was always without fear. Jay enjoyed the challenge of the angles, but most of all, he loved his sports. We will surely miss you, Jay. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those people who knew Jay. Hurry Hard!
Memory by Mike Richard   Jul 24, 2012
Both Cindy and Jay were very close friends of our family. My earliest memory of Jay is playing video games at their house in Saskatoon when I was maybe four years old. My family would go over to their house often, which was always a treat for a kid who got to play ping pong, video games and sports. We all consider Cindy and Jay to be a part of the family.

Jay was always the "cool" guy; someone to look up to while I was growing up. He definitely had a good radio voice (the running joke being he wasn't good looking enough for tv).

We will miss you, Jay.

My thoughts with everyone else who was close to him.

Memory by Patricia Granik   Jul 21, 2012
Jay, I have great memories of the lobster party...we had a lot of laughs, drinks and a rockin good time. You were a charming, funny host and made sure everyone was looked after. The best lobster party I have ever been to and I will always have fond memories of you. God Bless you and keep you in his care.
Memory by Mal   Jul 18, 2012
Shell (Cindy, Scott, Jen),

I met Jay only once but I immediately felt an authenticity about him that you so rarely see in people. Im so sorry that he has left this earth far too soon, and perhaps without ever realizing the extent to which his presence was felt and how much he was truly appreciated and loved. Im pretty certain he wouldnt want you to grieve nor have regrets, but instead remember times spent together that were genuinely filled with love, laughter and care.

You are all in my thoughts.
~ Mal
Memory by Stephan   Jul 17, 2012
I remember Jay from Strathcona elementary school in Regina. He was good friends with my older cousins. Always popular and the best athlete at a school with many great athletes. He was definitely an inspiration to the younger guys when it came to sports. May he find peace.
Memory by Deb Murdoch   Jul 17, 2012
"Jay and l dated for a few months in 2004 but Jay was always worried about my age back then so we decide to go our separate ways but always remain friends. We also work for several years together at Victorian Epicure. We lost contact for awhile but last year 2011 he tracked me down and ask if l would like to go for coffee and of course l said yes. We became almost inseparable see each other almost everyday and always talking on the phone or on the computer. We had so many plans and dreams for the upcoming year so much to look forward too. We always believed that we were ment to be together. l will always love and cherish our time together. I LOVE YOU with all my heart and will always be your baby.
I would like to thank your family Shell, Cindy and Reg for all the support and love that they have shown me over the last few week l don't think l would have gotten threw this without them. I'am glad that they will be part of my life l wish you were here to share it with us.
Memory by Craig Ward   Jul 16, 2012
I met Jay and Cindy while curling at Strathcona Curling Club in Sherwood Park. He was a great team mate and always a worthy opponent, but mainly he brought laughs and fun to all who surrounded him. I had a great chat with him this spring and we remembered all those good times. I'm so glad I got to know Jay, I'll never forget you bud! Hope you found your peace. My thoughts go out to Cindy and the rest of Jay's friends and family, he will be sadly missed.
Memory by Gerard Hanowski   Jul 16, 2012
Jay, you were always a kind and giving person with a great sense of humour. I could never relate to sports the way you could. You will always be missed by our family. Wish we could have more time with you.
Memory by Linda   Jul 16, 2012
I will always remember the past Christmas`s spent at Mom and Dad`s. You always had the farthest to drive but were there to celebrate with Our Family. I will remember You always with fondest memories.
Memory by Adelle & Monty Clements   Jul 15, 2012
Thank you, Jay, for your great concern and help during the time of Monty's accident. Your help cleaning stalls, collecting eggs and driving Monty around was much appreciated. You even went so far as to clean out the septic field -- much needed and appreciated. So Long, God Bless!
Memory by Noel   Jul 15, 2012
Hi Jay! Glad to see you are at peace with everyone including yourself. I will miss you forever but my love won't stop a day at a time. Love,
Memory by Alex   Jul 15, 2012
Miss Ya !!!
Memory by Anthony   Jul 15, 2012
See you Jay -- you touched my life in knowing you.

Jay had an incredible beauty in his child likeness and warm heart...
I loved when he shared with me his memories and his joys.
Memory by Doug   Jul 15, 2012
May God be with you and you with God. I loved your spirit and got to know you well in the last couple of years. We shared the disease together, and now you are free.
Memory by Bill   Jul 15, 2012
July 14, 2012: Sask 23 B.C. 20
That one was for you!
Memory by Stacy   Jul 15, 2012
Jay, I shall miss you wittiness, may you now be at peace.
Memory by Steph   Jul 15, 2012
Jay, I will miss you a lot.
Memory by Rick Strocel   Jul 15, 2012
Jay had a full life with lots of accomplishments. He's at peace now looking down and cheering for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. He lived life in a grandiose way and will always be in our thoughts.
Memory by Kirk & Susan   Jul 15, 2012
We have many great memories of Jay... from his antics and wit at the curling rink, to those hours looking for balls on the golf course (we tried playing, but spent more time looking for balls than hitting them!), to the fun get-togethers with Jay and Deb sharing laughs, good food and good times. We'll miss you. Our love and prayers to family and friends... may you find peace and comfort.
Memory by Wendy Wiznura   Jul 15, 2012
I was so sorry to hear of Jay's death. We had many fun times with Jay & Cindy in the tri-yard area in Sherwood Park. He was a gentle, unassuming spirit with a quick wit and great sense of humour. We lost Jay way too soon. My thoughts and sympathy to Cindy, Shell and the family.
Memory by Darcy F. Kozoriz   Jul 15, 2012
Dear Shell an family,
Please accept my sympathies in the passing of Jay. I was deeply saddened to read of Jay's death in the Regina Leader Post. As classmates, team mates, band members and friends in our youth many memories of Jay came rushung back and brought a smile to my face. One memory I recall is watching Jay after baseball practice sliding down the polished main hall of Central Collegiate on his steel metal cleats hoping to stop before the down steps going to the gym. So many good memories. We lost you too soon.
Darcy Frank Kozoriz
Memory by Kelly Kummerfield   Jul 15, 2012
Dear Shell, Scott and family,
I was saddened to learn of Jay's death and wanted you to express my sympathies to all of you. It has been many years since I have seen Jay but please know that I cherish the friendship we had during high school and have many fond memories. Some of our high school friends have been in touch and everyone is sad to hear about Jay. The old band members that Jay was part of suggested we get together and celebrate his life as it was so nicely written in the message and what he would have asked others to do. Jay was a special person with many qualities. Please know I am thinking of you.
My best,
Kelly Smishek Kummerfield
Memory by Trisha Orr   Jul 15, 2012
i was deeply saddened to hear that Jay had passed away. I had met Jay three years ago and what I will always remember of him is his quick wit and charming personality. Though he had his struggles he always had a smile for you. I will also remember all the open and honest conversations we shared . May you rest in peace Jay. The struggle is over.
My heartfelt condolences to the Family.
Memory by Art & Elaine Tessman   Jul 15, 2012
We will always remember Jay with smiles. We had so much fun when Jay & Cindy were in Sherwood Park. Lots of laughs at curling rinks, ball diamonds, BBQ's. Jay's one-liners were priceless!! He was a special person & we feel fortunate to have known him. Our thoughts are with all of Jay's family & friends.
Memory by Jane Dimitroff   Jul 14, 2012
So sad to hear about Jay's passing. I have such fond memories of curling with Jay and Cindy, the many parties we attended at their home and the ski trip to Jasper. Jay always had such a quick wit and whenever he was around the whole group would be laughing. He was such a fun person and I will always cherish the memories I have of him. My condolences to all of his friends and family.
Memory by lauri schmidt   Jul 13, 2012
Went to highschool with Jay 9-12.Had a crush on him as all the other shy, quiet nerds like me did.After all he was the captain of the football team. I am so sorry for your loss. May he rest in peace.
Memory by Dean Appelt   Jul 13, 2012
I was overcome with a feeling of an empty heart and burning in my stomach upon hearing of Jay's passing. The emptiness was soon filled and burning subsided when I thought of the time when Jay had us all peeing our pants in laughter on a Jasper ski trip while waiting for dinner in a chinese restaurant,,,,, or the blistering snap shot that more often than not made it's was to the back of the net. I used to work with Jay at westeel, Jay in Regina, me in Saskatoon. Upon Jay and Cindy's move to Saskatoon Jay joined our hockey team, The Lizard Kings. As I mentioned Jay's snap shot was the envy of anyone whoever witnessed it. He always had us all howling with his wit and humour, and he always had his teammates back when on the ice. Jay was a great Lizard! You will be sadly missed by all of those who knew you. Rest In Peace
Memory by Bob Klinck   Jul 13, 2012
I remember Jay at his best as the Quarterback of the mighty Central Gophers in the late 70`s, he was a good kid to coach and be around. This is a sad
day for me.
Memory by Darryl   Jul 12, 2012
Jay - a kindred spirit with a fondness for sports, Saskatchewan and sly, witty banter -Peace be with you brother, you are missed.
Memory by Don & Heather Letcher   Jul 12, 2012
We met Jay and Cindy at the Strathcona (Fultonvale) Curling club in Sherwood Park and have so many fond memories of great times in the friday night mixed. We missed you two when you moved as you were such a good part of the club. We share the loss of Jay with family and friends and extend our condolences.
Memory by Mark Balon   Jul 11, 2012
I met Jay for the first time in 1977 and knew right away he was a good man and that he would look out for you, lend a hand if you needed it. Though we didn't spend too much time together hanging out, the times we did always brought many laughs. Jay and Cindy were kind enough to open their house to us when we travelled to Edmonton to watch the Riders play in the 97 Grey Cup. That weekend remains a highlight for my wife and I even though the Riders lost. Jay, We'll miss your humor, but more importantly we'll miss your kindness and friendship. Mark and Teresa Balon Regina, Sk.
Memory by Darrell Demick   Jul 11, 2012
Now living abroad in Malaysia, I was informed by my Sister in Regina of Jay's passing. And although it has been 35 years since we curled together and then against each other, I have the fondest memories of Jay - his abilty to brighten up a room with his amazing character and wit, and yes, his competitiveness on the ice! I am very sad to hear of Jay's passing and offer my deepest condolences to Jay's family.
Memory by Slick   Jul 11, 2012
Hey Jay :( You left us way too soon. I wasn't done being friends with you yet... But you left us with memories that will be with us forever.... Loserball, with the bbq after at your house in Saskatoon ... camping in Northern Sask... Battlefords park, the first furnitureless weekend in your new house in Sherwood Park, the friendly Bomber-Rider rivalry and the indepth hockey conversations. Thank goodness you weren't a habs fan...You will be sadly missed by all who knew you.
Memory by Adrian South   Jul 11, 2012
What can I say about Jay that hasn't already been said? Kind, funny, caring, sports fanatic and athlete. Jay and Cindy were neighbours when I lived in Sooke, and although we never made it to the Sherwood Park "Tri-Yard" status, we did share many dinners, BBQ's and crocono game nights together. Jay had such a fantastic sense of humour and always had us laughing. Every time I watch old re-runs of the Trailer Park Boys, I think of Jay and I watching it, beers in hand, and making our own Ricky, Julian and Bubbles impersonations. While Jay and I drifted apart since we both left Sooke, I will remember him and his departure has come too soon. It has made me take stock of my own life, and realize that our time on this world is sometimes much shorter than we planned. Rest in peace Jay - go Riders!!
Memory by Kevin and Marlene Kleckner   Jul 11, 2012
The news of Jay's passing has left us with heavy hearts. Jay was a kind and caring person who has left us far to early. I have so many fond memories of Jay I wouldn't know where to begin. Our thoughts and prayers go to all of those who's hearts he touched. God Speed.
Memory by Janet & John   Jul 11, 2012
Dear Cindy and Shell:

We are SO VERY SORRY for your loss. All of us who knew and loved Jay will miss him. He will forever remain in our hearts and in our fond memories of good times spent together. We vow to hoist a pint of beer and drink a toast to Jay whenever the Riders are playing. May he rest in peace.

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