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In Remembrance of Jane Anna Anim

12 February, 1940 ~ 3 September, 2012
Accra, Ghana

A loving mother, grandmother, sister and friend.

"Then I heard a voice from heaven say, "Write: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on." "Yes," says t... Read more >
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Memory by Ruthie   Oct 14, 2012
Jane always greeted me at the pharmacy when I came to work with "Welcome Home!" She was a true friend, enriching my life greatly on a daily basis in the years we worked together and then beyond. My father was a Baptist minister and Jane reminded me so much of my parents' faith after they passed away. Thank you for notifying me.
Memory by Sandra Hall   Oct 12, 2012
If there is something I will never forget about Jane, it is her smile and unwavering faith. Her smile was contagious; her faith was admirable. I look forward to seeing her in heaven so we can continue our little chats about anything and everything. Jane, you will be deeply missed but I am so glad that I was able to have you visit me in Chicago and meet my son. I still remember our outing to the beach and our talks as we walked.
Memory by John Moore   Oct 4, 2012
If I were to describe Jane, the following words would come easily to mind: faithful, true, steady, persevering, joyful and loving. In this, she was a dazzling reflection of Jesus, of whom it is written: "I saw heaven standing open, and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True...His eyes are like blazing fire, and on his head are many crowns...On his robe and on his thigh he has the name written: King of Kings and Lord of Lords" (Rev 19: 11 - 16).
May God's great and eternal blessings be hers for all of eternity.
Memory by Claudia Moore   Oct 3, 2012
Jane's faith was a light she never hid under a bushel. Her faith dazzled, it was strong, it was unwavering, it was loving, it was everything Corinthians wrote about. So sad to hear about her passing, but she is with the Lord, and that means she is happy, and we are blessed to have had her among us for so long.
Memory by Tabitha Uwimpuhwe   Oct 1, 2012
One thing I know is that mama Jane loved the Lord. Though we already miss her, but I am glad she is where she wanted to be at last: in his arms.
She was very loving and caring. How can I forget her black eye beans in red palm oil with plantain?
Memory by Rhonda Grimes   Sep 26, 2012
Jane was a beautiful and graceful woman. You could see the light and love for the Lord in her smile. She was always kind and loving. I always waited for her returns, as we knew we would see her again. This time we will wait until eternity, and I am sure we will see her beautiful smiling face there. We were so blessed to have her in our church family.
Memory by Cindy Crofford   Sep 26, 2012
"I will truly miss her beautiful smile! Jane just overflowed with the joy of the Lord, even through hard days. It was very obvious she loved her Lord! It was always a treat to see her come back to the states and visit us here at Montana Ave. Nazarene Church. We will be praying for her family and friends during these difficult days.
Memory by Gerald & Lois Bell   Sep 26, 2012
Miss Jane was a very special lady. Her smile would light up any room. She always had a glowing testimony in praising God and always well kept. There has been an empty spot at our church since she left us. May her Heavenly Family rejoice in her presence until we meet again.
Memory by Rev. David Crofford   Sep 26, 2012
Jane was such a wonderful and precious part of our congregation while she was here in Cincinnati.

I personally will fondly remember her smile, her gentle spirit, and her great love for Christ. We miss her dearly!

We pray God's comfort and grace for each member of her family and her friends. God bless you all!
Memory by Basil Anthony   Sep 24, 2012
Aunty Jane was a very good friends to my late mother Rosamund Mark-Hansen and continued that friendship with me even though my mum was gone!!

I remember looking after 2 of her cars when ever she left for the states till she came back!

She was a spirit filled woman who will definitely make it to Heaven by all Odds!

She will always be remembered.

Rest In Peace, Aunty Jane!!

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