In Remembrance of Ian Douglas Munro Walmsley

14 February, 1965 ~ 22 May, 2013
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Ian gave us so many good times, our heads and hearts are overflowing with crazy stories - many funny, actually hilarious anecdotes, the kind that can be told over and over ag... Read more >
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By Sam Haffey   Jun 1, 2013
Thoughts about Ian and Major Depressive Disorder

By Memorial Matters Admin   May 31, 2013
By Memorial Matters Administrator   May 30, 2013
By Woody   May 29, 2013
"Air Walmo": Ian's first solo flight
Ian sent me this email on July 9, 2012:

First big milestone of flight training - flying solo for the first time.

The flying went smooth - the lead-up was entertaining - battery dead in the plane - wouldn't start, lens fell out of my sunglasses while taxing, headphone cushion fell off and the knob for the parking brake was missing. Karma was not looking good - however all worked out all - actually enjoyed myself.

I did three circuits - all basically identical

Note the near-miss bird strike just after my 2nd takeoff - almost had to do a Capt Sully !

Now I get to do lots of training flying solo - hopefully about 25-30 more hrs of flying and its time for my private pilot exam
By Chris W.   May 28, 2013
Dysfunctional potato cannon!

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