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Information about the people behind Memorial Matters

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Recent anniversaries relating to the date of birth or death of Memorial Matters on-line memorials

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On-line memorials created for celebrities and public figures

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We love to hear feedback and ideas to make Memorial Matters better

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Create an on-line memorial with a 14 day no-obligation trial

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The design studio behind Memorial Matters

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Features of Memorial Matters and creating an on-line memorial

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The interactive and social media marketing company behind Memorial Matters

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Home page of Memorial Matters

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The latest virtual candles and flowers placed on our on-line memorials

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The on-line memorials with the most visits and activity

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Media coverage relating to Memorial Matters

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Pricing details related to building an on-line memorial

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Privacy Policy for Memorial Matters

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Information on commonly asked questions relating to Memorial Matters

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The latest memorials that have been created

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Details on how to send a gift to a bereaved loved one

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Details on how to send flowers to a bereaved loved one

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Support & Resources after bereavement and dealing with loss

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Take a tour of Memorial Matters

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View our selection of beautiful and unique template designs that you can select to create
an on-line memorial to your loved-one

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Terms of use for Memorial Matters

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Testimonials from customers


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