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In Remembrance of Wade Lee Braschuk

23 September, 1957 ~ 23 May, 2010
Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada

The Life and Times of Wade Lee Braschuk

1957 - Russia Launches Sputnik - Little Rock Nine integrate Arkansas High School - Leave it to Beaver premiers on CBS - Stanle... Read more >
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Memory by Larsquabe   Oct 10, 2017
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Memory by Larsquabe   Oct 8, 2017
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Memory by Clay   Feb 14, 2014
Its been a few years since Wades passing and I miss him more now. I remember as kids how much fun we had with our friends running and having battles in the forests in our area. Wade had a unique sense of humor thats for sure and was the intellect of the group. Everyone who knew him liked this about him, it was always a great time to be around him.
I know how much he cared, loved and wanted to be with his kids Nom, Briana and Ariana. He left a positve, strong and everlasting impression on them that will be with them all their lives. Its sad when Nom and I talk about Wade but we remember the times we had together all the baseball, he taught a lot of kids how to play the game right.
I was always involved with Wades kids in some sport, he let me be part of their lives..something I really appreciate. Now I have my own kids and feel somewhat cheated that Wades not here to do the same..the positive influence and good times we could have had. We all miss you Wade
Memory by Daughter Briana   Mar 18, 2012
My memory of my dad is when my sister ariana my mom ramona my uncle clay my dad and I used to go to the park and cook our dinnner on the BBQ. my uncle and my dad used to swing my sister and I around, it was so fun.
What i loved most about my dad was he was smart,loyal,caring kind,friendly and thoughtful towards others.
The sad thing was that i never really got to know my dad,when he knew so much about me. He knew why I did the sports that I did. At that time I was doing Skating and horse back riding, he knew that i loved horses and loved being with them.
Memory by Daughter Briana   Aug 10, 2010
my memory of my dad is her used to come to pick me up at school in his slippers i miss that. i remember my dad as smart, loyal,kind,friendly and thoughtful and caring and i never heard him say why me. why do i have cancer why me.
Memory by Val   Jul 24, 2010
Wade and I went to elementary school and high school together. As kids Wade and Clay always had a ton of marbles during marble season. Wade was a lively, entertaining character and I am very sorry to hear of his passing

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