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In Remembrance of Jasminder Kumar langi

30 April, 1966 ~ 21 November, 2007
birmingham, United Kingdom

Memorial website for Jasminder Kumar Langi, much loved father, husband, son cousin and friend to all.
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Memory by HuynKuy   Mar 24, 2015
hope you feel better soon! glad to find your blog - you know how I'm a fan of those sttopy felt dotty things you make! did I see Robbie Williams down there in your links?!! you have great taste!
Memory by Dharmesh   Mar 23, 2015
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Memory by FALISHA LANGI   Jan 16, 2015
Love you dad ! x Always be missed ... Hope weve all made you proud and your loving your new granddaughters and sons arriving :) x
Memory by Ruvina   Dec 13, 2014
Keep dreaming about you smiling, I love you so much daddy, I just want to see your smile again for real 😞 it's not fair, we need you, and God took you from us, why you 😞 miss you dad xx
Memory by Falisha Langi   Oct 30, 2013

Memory by Falisha Langi   May 22, 2013
Miss you dad :'( Wish you were here xxx ♥ R.I.P love you xx

A memory: Chewing gum time i could never forget that but its one of my best memories x
Memory by Falisha Langi   Dec 5, 2012
Still remembered and much loved by alot of people love you dad :) xx
Memory by Ruvina Langi   Nov 20, 2012
Memory by Falisha langi   Sep 11, 2012
I love you Dad Miss you always...hope you and thiah are okay up there having fun, playing cards and that :) xxx
Memory by Falisha Langi   Aug 14, 2012
Im listening to reggae music remembering you xxx
Memory by FALISHA LANGI   Jul 2, 2012
I love you dad xxx Miss u sooo much and wish you were here RIP
Memory by Falisha Langi   Jun 23, 2012
I miss you xxxx
Memory by FALISHA LANGI   Jun 20, 2012
I love you dad ! xxx R.I.P
Memory by FALISHA   May 26, 2012
I love you dad....miss you loads x Mwah :)
Memory by FALISHA LANGI   May 8, 2012
Snooker and pool matches. You were the best but i was getting there. You were about 9.5 out of 10 and i was about 9.4. Lol Just joking, yeah i was about 8 out of 10, then William was at about 3/4 lol! He used to hate playing because we always used to beat him. HE'S OK by the way, i will try my best to be there for him! I love you dad. Wish i got to sat that to your face! x

I miss you dad, im sorry for all the bad things i have done, i hope you will forgive me, i love you! xxx
Memory by FALISHA LANGI   Apr 30, 2012
Happy Birthday Dad, you will be missed, Love you Dad Mwahhh.xXx

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Daddy
Happy birthday to you


Memory by falisha langi   Mar 29, 2012
Christmas day where he wore the santa claus outfit :)
Memory by FALISHA LANGI   Feb 29, 2012
Massaging his head or legs for 1 an hour :O xxx
Memory by FALISHA LANGI   Feb 23, 2012
I love you dad! :( x
Memory by FALISHA LANGI   Feb 13, 2012
Every fathers day he was bought socks or something Bless him :p
Memory by FALISHA LANGI   Feb 12, 2012
The best barbecues you could ask for lol! xxx

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