In Remembrance of Robert Hampden Tener

12 December, 1925 ~ 30 December, 2016
Falkland, BC, Canada

DR. ROBERT HAMPDEN TENER, December 12, 1925-December 30, 2016. Robert Tener, 91, of Calgary, Alberta, passed away suddenly on December 30, 2016. Robert is survived by his so... Read more >
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Message from Jan Sanford (daughter)

"Colin and Ann, Janice and James and Taylor would like to express our sorrow at the passing of our wonderful father, father-in-law and grandfather. He was a learned man with a... " Read more >

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Apollonia Steele   Jan 10, 2017

My deepest condolences to Janice, Taylor, James, Colin and Ann, and to all the Tener and Baker families as we mark the passing of our dear friend Robert. I echo all the rema... Read more >

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By Ann Gronow
Jan 13, 2017

By Ann Gronow
Jan 13, 2017
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