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In Remembrance of Denis Bernard Matthews

12 July, 1939 ~ 16 January, 2016
United Kingdom

This is a memorial for Denis Matthews - a biography of his life will be entered here soon.
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Memory by Janice    Jan 19, 2016
Over the past 18 months Dad has courageously battled cancer, the team at Princess Margaret were wonderful to him, during the last week of his life he was moved to Ian Anderson House, a hospice that cares for cancer patients, he received 24 hour care, he received amazing care and died with dignity and peacefully. Today is Dad's memorial, for those who wish to donate, please consider donating to Princess Margaret Hospital in Tribute Princess Margaret Donation Tribute, or at Ian Anderson House Ian Anderson House
Phone: (905) 337-8004
Mail: PO Box 61034, 511 Maple Grove Dr., Oakville ON L6J 7P5
in honour of Denis Matthews. Thank you.
Memory by Janice   Jan 18, 2016
Well, our memories would not be complete without WIGGY WAGGY WO WO ~ all those times we would drive up north with dad to chop down our christmas tree and he would do WIGGY WAGGY WO WO - WITH THE CAR - yes one time we actually found ourselves in a snow bank - no harm done however, quite the story we had to tell mom when we got home!!
Memory by Janice    Jan 18, 2016
There are so many wonderful memories and will be posting again for sure ....just last week Dad and I were walking around IAH, it was lovely, he was talking to people, enjoying the surroundings, he loved pretty things and liked everything well appointed, he commented that it was really pretty here. It was a nice moment to know he was peaceful.
Memory by Andrew Matthews   Jan 17, 2016
We were just recalling Dad's favourite jokes... He always came out with one of these at the most random times.

1) Does your clown taste funny!
2) what's a Grecian earn?
3) Am I boring you?
4) Jamaica?
5) Show him your cross!

Any others?
Any others

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