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20 July, 1943 ~ 3 July, 2010
SELMA, CA, United States

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Memory by Shasha   Mar 25, 2015
your vote is solely based on his rioitelnshap with Shawn Carter, well that shows how smart you are. That's pitiful. I'm not into politics nor am I american, but I know that a true recovery takes times, especially when the mess he inherited was that deep. I believe that at least, they have to give the guy credit for investing in the auto industry and eventually saving it when the other guy suggested that Detroit should go bankrupt, ending the war in irak (when clearly there was no weapon of mass destruction and which was alledgedly the reason behind the intervention), decapitating Al qaida, saving a million job etc. Again, to see tangible results, I believe he deserves to be reelected to sustain his policies. G. Bush was elected twice and he created the mess, why not B. Obama? It is just my opinion. [url=]tseuizzvc[/url] [link=]sthplc[/link]
Memory by Cidinha   Mar 25, 2015
Diana is THE SUPREME DIVA. and she didn't need her daddy to buy awards for her in order to bemoce Supreme, like that other girl. beyonce has a bunch of awards that were given to her (not earned), but let's get real here. the girl does not sell records. in 10 years, she only managed to move barely 9 million copies of three albums combined? and only 2 or 3 #1 hits? please, Diana had sold well over 50 Million by the time she had reached her 10 year mark. her group STILL holds the record for the act with the most consecutive #1 hits (12) in history-a record that's 40+ YEARS STANDING. Diana is the second Black Woman to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress-not supporting, BEST ACTRESS. Diana basically invented the term Triple Threat', and redefined the meaning of the word Diva . Her Central Park Concert in the 80 s remains to this day the biggest draw for a single artist in that park EVER, and her performance in that downpour is one of the most Iconic moments in music history. are beyonce fans seriously trying to make that girl out to be greater than The Boss? just because her daddy bought her a bunch of Grammys, and she has a video that was imitated on youtube by a million pathetic queens with no lives? i mean, seriously? beyonce fans need to seek some serious therapy if they truly believe that. Diana is revered as an Internation Icon. beyonce is one of many Diana wannabes that lack the talent it takes to be in the same league as Miss Diana Ross. don't go there, please. get real. when beyonce can sell more than 10 million albums combined, hell, when she can sell 5 million copies of just one album, and she can get more than just one song to go to #1, then you can talk. until then .
Memory by William   Mar 24, 2015
Last weekend I had the great pusaelre of tagging along with photographer Rebecca Deaton on an adorable engagement session in Newport, Rhode Island. a0This adorable couple was so much fun and so beautiful together I had a great time. a0Here are a couple of pictures I was able to grab over the afternoon but you can see Rebecca's photos over on her website here! [url=]kknzlnffux[/url] [link=]unrlagznws[/link]
Memory by Abubaqar   Mar 22, 2015
Hi Ed,Your html email videos are great. They have been very uefusl.I was just wondering if you could explain how a slice can be exported so that text becomes editable instead of an image.ThanksErin
Memory by Alex   Mar 21, 2015
My friend Sue's son, David Barnette, is a soldeir currently serving in Afghanistan. He graduated from homeschool in 2003, along with my son, Alex, who right now is spending 5 weeks at Fort Lewis, WA for Army ROTC Leadership and Evaluation Camp. Another good homeschool friend has a son who just finished his first year at West Point, another young man from our support group leaves for West Point next weekend, and another of this year's graduates has enlisted in the Marines. These are all bright young men who are strong Christians and who love their families and their country. God bless them all.

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