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In Remembrance of Vincent Thomas Fougere Jr.

11 March, 2009 ~ 5 June, 2010
NY, United States

Message from Aimee Maratta:

" In loving memory of our beautiful grandson. Meme and Grandpa miss and love you so much. There is not a day that goes by that you are not in our hearts and thoughts. "


Vinny was born in Wilkesbarre PA on March 11th 2009, weighing in at 9lbs 13.5 ounces. His parents are Jennifer Marshall & Vincent Fougere Sr, both residing in Staten Island. Vinny drowned on May 29th and left us on June 5th. He was such a good baby with a great personality, absolutely a loving kid and very mushy. Although Baby Vinny, was only with us a short while he had a major impact on all our lives. We love you and miss you tremendously, mush man.


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Memory by Michael Maratta   Oct 23, 2010
I miss you & love you, you're are always in my thoughts. I miss your hugs and playing with you. Love you always Uncle Mikie.

Memory by Meme   Sep 25, 2010
I was holding Anastasia this morning and Gianna climbed up on my lap. I started crying thinking about how the three of you would hang out we me & grandpa, and play on the bed. How much I am going to miss those times. Loving you always. Meme.

Memory by Cousin Missy    Aug 30, 2010
"Our Baby Bubba", we all miss you so much here, the house is so quiet with out the pitter patter of your little feet or the giggles, and your smile. Every day was something new, watching you climb the basement stairs (and fall back down into your dads arms) or wacthing you play with all the kids, listening to you try and say new words like "cup". You were more like a nephew to me than a cousin, maybe because your mama is like a sister to me in my heart. We all miss you so much, "Uncle Jason" really misses you too a whole bunch, you will always be in our hearts.

Memory by Aunt Colie   Aug 5, 2010
i miss the sound of you running around in the morning when you and mommy stayed at my house on the weekends and me and mommy tellin you Shhh you goin to wake uncle danny and you just got louder ....i loved gettin up in the mornin knowin you were there in the next room for me to steal.. i miss you more and more each day .... Baby Vinny you will always and forever be in my heart i love you soo much

Memory by aunt be    Aug 4, 2010
i dont have any favorite memory with you because all of the memories we have together are all my favorite i remember when your mom called us and said that she was having a baby i was soo excited but i thought jen a mom? but when i saw her with you i knew that she was the best mother ever.i remember the day that you were born i stayed up all night waiting for meme to calland tell me that you were born,but instead of them calling me they sent me a picture i thought you were soo cute the next day meme called me and told me that i could talk to you i was soo scared to talk loud soo i wispered i thought you ould get scared i met you the day that your mommy brought you home from the hospital from that moment i knew that me and you would be close i spent everyday with you when you moved to staten islandand i cant belive that your gone i miss you sooo much you will always have a special place in my heat i love you to infinity and beyond

Memory by Aimee Maratta   Jul 27, 2010
We miss you so much, I wish I could have one of your hugs & mushy kisses it would make me feel so much better. You will always stay in my heart, and remember Meme loves you more than words can say. My sweet little angel one day I will be able to hold you again.

Memory by Gianna   Jul 17, 2010

Memory by Aunt Heather   Jul 17, 2010
When i got that phone call on March 11th in greece that you wer born, and i called you everyday and spoke to you on the phone untill i finally met you Aug 19th I finally got to see my Booger man 5 months later , i got to hold and squeeze you for the longest time.. I am upset i did not see you grow from newborn to 4 but at least i got to see you 5 months on... I got you and the kids close and you loved Anastasia when she finally was born. You treated her like she was your baby! You would come with your arms wide open and hug and give some wet kisses with that laugh of yours ohh how i loved that laugh! ( I can picture you laughing right now ) I loved to spend as much time as with you i can. i would call your mommy and see if you wanted to go for walks when you's finally moved on the island.The day at the park, ohh you had soo much fun! I loved when i used to watch you and read you books and the looks and laughs you would give as i was reading them to you. How you loved to play with your cousins and be such a mushy mushy to everyone. You were such a perfect lil boy ( and still are ) What matters is i got to be with you from 5 months on untill you took your very last breath! I hope you saw us all in the room with you and felt me hold your leg the whole time and gave you kisses all over! There is not a split second i do not think about you. I will cherish everymoment i have had with you and hold them in my heart forever. I don't wanna say goodbye cause goodbye means your gone forever and i dont believe you are i believe you are always with us all! Shinning down on us and guiding us through our days! My lil booger man watch over us all especially your mommy and daddy they need you! I love you always and forever may you rest in sweet peace! Until we meet again

Memory by TIM SNIPES   Jul 14, 2010

Memory by Mary Malmquist   Jul 12, 2010
I remember (and will always, every day) when I looked at your face you would smile the biggest smile right back... every single time! Your Momma claimed you flirted with every lady, but I'm still gonna assume it was just for me :) Miss you!!!

Memory by Jean Fougere   Jul 11, 2010
My sweet little angel, I miss you more then words could ever say. I think of you every day. I will hold you in my heart until I see you again. Always remember Grandma loves you.

Memory by elaine   Jul 11, 2010
dear sweet angel tears are filling up my eyes as i write this for a baby should never go before his parents, but hopefully we will get to see you again in a better place, my heart goes out to your family, i hope you are with my baby gia smiling down at us my prayers go out to your family xoxo

Memory by aunt be (continued)   Jul 10, 2010
im ganna miss our sleepovers and watching movies with you

Memory by aunt be    Jul 10, 2010
i dont have a fovorite memory with you because all the days and all the memorys that we made together are all my favorite!I love the way that you would say my name and laugh at me and the way you would come over to me with your arms open ready to give me a kiss and a hug

Memory by gino   Jul 10, 2010
in have never met this precious child Vincent but i have lost someone dearly so i am writing to let you know my heart is with you at this time. My niece Ava Marie passed away 2 weeks ago. May Vincent rest in peace! Sweet face!

Memory by Aimee Maratta   Jul 7, 2010
My favorite memory is when he said Meme, and the way he would just run into a room and laugh that laugh of his, just made your whole day better.

Candles & Flowers

Jul 12, 2016  

Posted by Jean Fougere
May 24, 2012  

Thinking of you always, missing you everyday! Love you always!

Posted by Jean Fougere
Mar 11, 2012  

Happy 3rd Birthday my sweet angel, I love you always!

Posted by Jean Fougere
Nov 8, 2011  

My sweet boy, I miss you, I am always thinking of you! Love you

Posted by Aunt Heather, Cousins Gianna & Anastasia
Jul 24, 2011  

We love you always ! Always thinkng of you !

Posted by Linda mcmahon
May 29, 2011  

You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Posted by Rob Miller
Apr 13, 2011  

I liked your site.

Posted by Jean Fougere
Mar 10, 2011  

My sweet little boy Happy Birthday In Heaven...We miss you and love you very much...

Posted by aimee maratta
Jan 8, 2011  

Always in our thoughts love you much...

Posted by Aimee Maratta
Dec 26, 2010  

merry x'mas in heaven we miss you and love you.

Posted by Aunt Heather, Gianna & Anastasia
Nov 25, 2010  

Hey mush mush man yesterday was a horrible day with out you and today is even a horrible day your not here for my b-day i miss you soo much i think about you all the time. Please keep guiding us and shinning down on us and let us know you are ok send all the signs you can. come visit me tonight in my dreams i need to see you and hold you one more time. I will always and forever love you.

Posted by aimee maratta
Nov 24, 2010  

Thanksgiving is really going to suck without you there, love u with all our hearts.... Meme & Grandpa

Posted by Aunt Heather, Gianna & Anastasia
Nov 15, 2010  

Our Baby Binny Roo you are always on our mind there is not a day we dont think of you. I am lost with out you. Please keep guiding us through our days and lookin over us all miss you dearly ! big hugs and kisses xoxoxo the things i would do for one more hug n kiss i wpuld squeeze you and never let you go !

Posted by Meme
Nov 11, 2010  

Can't stand that you are not here with us, loving u always...

Posted by Jean Fougere
Nov 3, 2010  

Missing you everyday my little are forever in my heart....

Posted by Kaitlin
Oct 31, 2010  

rest in peace

Posted by uncle Ikie
Oct 23, 2010  

love you forever in my heart....

Posted by cheri brooks
Oct 2, 2010  

so sorry about ur son i lost my son aug 5th 2010 he was 19 and murdered i no how u feel its painful to loose a child god bless u

Oct 2, 2010  

Posted by Jean Fougere
Sep 30, 2010  

I am so lost without you, I miss you more everyday..Love you always, Grandma

Posted by Meme
Sep 25, 2010  

Flowers for my little man. Miss you lots...

Posted by Aimee Maratta
Sep 19, 2010  

Missing you more & more each day love you lots, Meme & Grandpa

Posted by Aunt Heather, Gianna & Anastasia
Sep 19, 2010  

missing you everyday - always thinking of you my lil booger man! You will forever be in our hearts we love and miss you dearly

Posted by aimee maratta
Sep 4, 2010  

Tomorrow is going to be three months miss u more and more each day love u baby Meme & Grandpa.

Posted by Jean Fougere
Sep 2, 2010  

Always thinking of you, Forever in my heart...Love Grandma

Posted by great aunt mary
Aug 21, 2010  

vinny you will always be loved and missed by everyone you will always be in our hearts

Aug 21, 2010  

Posted by Aimee Maratta
Aug 19, 2010  

Love you forever, miss you lots... Love Meme & Grandpa

Posted by Aimee Maratta
Aug 5, 2010  

Today is 2 months since you left us, it is not getting any easier, the pain just doesn't go away we love you so much. Love Meme and Grandpa

Posted by Aunt Heather
Aug 2, 2010  

There is not a split second I don't think of you! I love you always and forever always have you on my mind! Can't wait till the day i get to hold you again and get that big hug and kiss i been wanting and never let go!

Posted by Aimee Maratta
Jul 30, 2010  

You came to me in my dream last night it seemed so real, when I woke up I was crying. I love you so much. Everytime I close my eyes I see your beautiful face. Meme misses you lots vinny boo...

Posted by Jean Fougere
Jul 24, 2010  

Love to my angel...

Posted by Aimee Maratta
Jul 23, 2010  

always in our hearts....

Posted by Darlene
Jul 21, 2010  

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal...I am sure Baby Vinny was a wonderful child and my heart goes out to your family...

Posted by Jennifer Cohen
Jul 21, 2010  

When the sun shines and the stars come out, you'll always be remembered. Every moment of every day! From your family to Meme's work will never be forgotten!

Posted by Aunt Heather
Jul 17, 2010  

My Lil Guardian Angel there is not a moment i do not think about you ! I wish you were here with us all, I sit here and shake my head in disbelif wishing this was not real ! I wish it was all a nightmare and i was with you again playing at the park with your cousins and friend.... I love you always and forever until we meet again, Hope your waiting there when its my time so i can give you a huge hug and kiss again with those arms running wide open and that laught ohhh how i love that laugh you had! Always on my mind my lil booger man! Love you always and forever and so does your cousins.. Come visit us in our dreams so we can see you again!

Posted by Amanda Dick
Jul 16, 2010  

Although I have never met baby vinny, my prayers are with him, and his family.

Posted by Linda Haxhiu
Jul 13, 2010  

Aimee, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, Vinny was a beautiful little boy who was taken too soon and im sorry for that for you and your family. There is nothing anyone can say to make you feel better but everybody feels your pain...:(

Posted by Pooka
Jul 13, 2010  

Such an amazing baby, you are missed so much. I love you always little angel.

Posted by vanessa
Jul 13, 2010  

Jen your son was beautiful I'm sure he was amazing. I can tell from all those who loved him that he was a great kid. r.i.p Vincent

Jul 12, 2010  

Posted by keri wilson
Jul 12, 2010  

I NeVeR goT To MEet U bUT I BeT U WeRe AN AWEsOME ,HaNdsomE, n VErY sPecIal LIl Boy!!!!!R.I.p

Jul 12, 2010  

Posted by Claudia
Jul 12, 2010  

Miss you always. Aunt Claudia

Jul 12, 2010  

Posted by Aunt Heather
Jul 12, 2010  

My Lil Booger man, I miss you more n more evryday! Your cousins Gianna and Anastasia miss you dearly ! Gianna has to go out and look at the stars everynight b/c we know there you are! My lil guardian angel look over us all! I wish i can squeeze you and kiss you one more time!

Posted by Julia
Jul 12, 2010  

He filled so many hearts...keep his memory safe and his smile now in your hearts. Prayers and thoughts everyday go to Vincent and all of you.

Posted by Jean Fougere
Jul 12, 2010  

Thinking of you every day, missing you more every day. Love you always..

Posted by Diane Boland
Jul 12, 2010  

Baby Vincent will not be forgotten, I say a prayer everyday in remembrance of your lost little boy. Please know that the thoughts and prayers of many are with you still and in the futher.

Posted by Mary Malmquist
Jul 12, 2010  

I are hugging you, Turkey! Feeling you squirm around in my arms... MISS YOU TERRIBLY!!!

Jul 10, 2010  

Posted by Aimee Maratta
Jul 9, 2010  

We can't stop thinking of you, miss you lots...

Posted by Michael Maratta
Jul 7, 2010  

Love you always.

Posted by Aimee Maratta
Jul 7, 2010  

Always in my thoughts, missing you more each day...