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In Remembrance of Vanessa Michele Dorwart

3 March, 1994 ~ 25 February, 2010
Glenolden, PA, United States


Vanessa Michele Dorwart was a wonderful, beautiful young girl. She was a caring person. Who touched many people's lives. Vanessa enjoyed helping people. She had a amazing, caring personality. Vanessa had a magical smile and gorgeous big blue eyes. She played youth soccer at Lansdowne Borough softball for Westbrook Park and was a former Aldan Girl Scout. Even if you didn't know her, she would somehow brighten your day. Vanessa, her friends and family would call her Ness or Nessa, loved to talk and text on her cell phone. Sadly, on February 25, 2010, Vanessa Michele Dorwart and her friend, Gina Gentile, went down to Norwood train station. Their take their lives. At around 10:28 a.m an Acela train going about 110 mph struck them. A third person who backed out of the suicide pact just minutes before tried to get them to back out too. The girl said her pleads didn't work. And right before they were struck Vanessa and Gina hugged the witness says. Vanessa was a bright girl. Who was dreaming of becoming a nurse. Her life was taken from us all too soon. She will be greatly missed. No matter how much time goes by, Vanessa will always be apart of her loved ones. Vanessa Michele Dorwart we love you and miss you. <3




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