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In Remembrance of Robin Eggert Barrett

15 March, 1948 ~ 28 September, 2013
CA, United States

Message from Price Barrett:

" You are my angel. You have taught me to love. You have in these past few months shown me strength and courage that I am in awe of. You have humbled me. I love you. "



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Memory by Jean LaRose   Jan 1, 2014
Now that the holidays are over, hopefully life will get a little easier. I still cannot grasp on to you being gone from our touch. You, my big sister are so missed it hurts. Every year I give Albert and Lauren ornaments for Christmas, this year I chose angels in your memory, they both loved them very much. Im getting readi to walk, sure wished you were here w/me....I know you would walk w/me!!!! LOVE YOU!!! I got!

Memory by Sonny   Dec 25, 2013
You always made sure I had the things I wanted under the tree. I missed your merry Xmas call this morning. I love you and miss you.

   Dec 25, 2013
Thinking about my sister especially today...remembering her holiday tradition was to make homemade ornaments for everyone in family....she made them with the little kids which they really enjoyed doing!! Missing her soo much

Memory by Maureen   Dec 20, 2013
I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Robin during my internship at Evergreen Healthcare this summer. She was such a delight to work with and taught me many things. I think about her often. Thinking and praying for your family.

Memory by Jean LaRose   Dec 11, 2013
Good morning!! Having my coffee this morning and wishing I had just one more phone chat w/you!!! Know I miss you and love you, my older sister!!!!

Memory by Jean LaRose   Dec 2, 2013
Thinking alot about you today!!! Looking forward to going to your favorite place Wednesday to watch them plant a tree in your honor. I found the penny you left me yesterday, guess because I was having a sad day! I miss you terrible and wished that you were here to talk to, you had a way of speaking calmly to me and making me see the positive in my worries. I love you and I cannot wait to see you again....sista!!!

Memory by Laura Shahtaji   Oct 27, 2013
I will always think of Robin when I gaze with wonder upon a full moon. I wish I could again read her monthly Green Sanctuary column in our UUCCPF church newsletter naming and describing that month's moon....... We recalled "Robin's folder" this morning during choir practice: It is still in the piano bench waiting for her. We'll probably just keep it there and use it when we need to find an extra copy of the music, and remember her fondly...........

Memory by Pat Barrett   Oct 20, 2013
First of all, I was really shocked when I first heard about Robin's illness. I had seen her in a few years and was totally shocked. Robin and I went to the same high school and I graduated a year or two ahead of her. Robin and my brother Price were married and I did get to see her at family functions. I know what it must be like to have lost her because I lost my mother on Jan 2nd, 2012. I liked Robin because she was witty and funny. I'll always remember her and just all of you always remember the great times you had with her.

Memory by Cheri    Oct 15, 2013
Reading all of your memories of Robin makes me wish I'd known her as well as all of you. I didn't know her long, but long enough to know she was very passionate about her beliefs and life. A beautiful woman with a heart and smile to match. Robin, we'll miss you; until we meet again...namaste.

Memory by Dennis Hogensen   Oct 12, 2013
November 2008+ I had met Robin at a book discussion at St. Loborius Church (October 16) in Steger. She had asked two questions to the author , Fathe John Dear, and he obviously appreciated her outspoken opinions. I approached her after the talk and we had a brief conversation and she went off with the group she came with.The next month I saw Robin getting off the train , to goto Obama Rally in Grant Park to celebrate Chicago's first elected President. As we walked from the station , I told her that 40 years ago, my friend Fred Koller and I were at this same spot during the last week of August 1968, during the Democratic Convention riots. She stopped for a minute and surveyed the crowd and told me that "at least 80 per cent of the crowd here tody, was not even born then"> Well, that ended my ego trip , real quick, as I placed a call to my friend , now living in Nashville. November 2009=WE drove down to St. louis for her family's Thanksgiving celebration. On Friday we went to the North side of St. Louis to her old neighborhood. While we drove around, she showed me the schools she had gone to, the church she went to, and the neighborhood landmarks . We stopped at her childhood house and knocked on the door , a guy in his 20's that obviously had just awaken, listened to her request to visit the house and let us in the foyer. She studied it closely and remarked that it looked the same as it did 40 some years ago. Then she asked for permission to take pictures on the front porch. After we did that and got back in the car , she told me (parphrasing), (my family should have never moved from the city, here we had an identity. I was the oldestof the Plummer girls, Jack was the Plummer boy, the Plummer twins, and everyone said hello to my parents. In the suburbs, there is no place to walk to, everyone drives their own car, their is no public transportation to speak of and everyone stays home to watch big TV's . And that's what we call progress." She was proud to have grown up in St. Louis and proud to have her name ( along with thousands of other St. Louis schoolchrden of the 1960's in a time capsule at the bottom of the "Arch".Plus, she was so glad to have a family to come back to in St. Louis and know they we participating members of the community. To paraphase Elvis, "St. Louis was always on her mind". July 2013-My brother Pete and I are visting her at Prarie Green on Dixixie highway, the former site of the 5th Holiday Inn ever built. I tell her the local history of the spot, how in the late 1940's the hotel company wanted to build on the corner of Route 30 and Dixie , but the Cook County Forest Preserve has a policy of not ever selling off their land. So thus they built 4 blocks from the main highway. So, Robin thinks about this and says the building is brand new, the staff is very good and the site is perfect because she can see the trees of the forest preserve . Now it is even more perfect, because I am from the late 1940's and this is my home. Her gratitude was contagious and I was happy for her.

Memory by Shari   Oct 7, 2013
I met Robin sometime in 1991 or 92 at a Green party meeting I believe in Torrance or thereabouts, South Bay, Southern California. We traveled in different circles a lot of the time out there but yet we did spend some holidays together. I remember a Thanksgiving in particular where she had a craving for a particular type of pie, we had eaten out I think in Long Beach at some diner that was really good but they were out of this pie. So we drove around looking for a supermarket that was open and had what the craving was. I can't even remember what the pie was but anyway, we ended up back at my apartment calling the last couple of groceries that we could think of and the Ralph's at Manhattan Village had what she wanted but they were closing in less than 10 minutes. I drove like a maniac to get us there so she could get the pie. Especially while we both lived in So.Cal, Robin saw me through a couple of failed relationships, sometimes we would discuss the pros and cons of dating 'mainstream men' because neither of us was what one would call 'mainstream' ! I also remember her weekly Saturday volleyball and the "fun club' that was connected to that. It was something of a joke at times when we would talk during the week and she would remind me that her Saturday mornings were booked for 'v-o-l-l-e-y-b-a-l-l' (wish I could speak it the way she did). But often she would come over afterward or we would get together after. I remember a couple of times going with her to 'fun club' parties - we were in charge of getting the dancing going! Sometimes not at all successfully because, some of the fun clubbers were, well, duds. I especially remember one time after one of those parties in El Segundo, some of us wanted to go skinny dipping and we were all ready to drive over to my apartment in Hermosa to walk down to the beach but then half the folks backed out of the plan so we didn't go. Robin was the first person I called when I found I had managed to become pregnant via donor insemination, she was the person who came with me for my amnio and saw the ultrasound right along with me. She was the first person who knew I had given birth to a son and she was one of the first people outside of the hospital to meet Lawrence. When she needed a ride, because frequently she didn't have a car, I would try to arrange to drive her wherever. When she did have a car, BIG old station wagon, she helped me get a dresser from the Salvation Army to my apartment when I needed it for Lawrence (Larry). She was Auntie Robin to him for a good long while. She spent his first Thanksgiving with us, or actually I should say we spent it with her at Dorothy's house in Hermosa, where she lived as a companion. We would go every week to the Torrance Farmer's Market, the three of us…where we would have yummy food and buy good local organic produce and listen to music. I also remember a Mother's Day that we went down to Scotty's on the Strand (Hermosa) and it was so memorable that when neither of us lived in So. Cal., it became something of an annual ritual for one of us to call the other and say "hey, wanna meet for breakfast at Scotty's?" I remember going out to eat with Robin and we would take turns walking around the restaurant with Larry while the other one ate. Robin would take him frequently to the Redondo Beach Pier where they would walk around, listen to music (Larry would sometimes stop and 'dance' to the sounds). One of those times, he pointed at the ocean and said "water" which was actually his first word besides "mama." Robin came to visit us once in Pittsfield for Larry's child dedication ceremony at the UU church when he was about 3 or 4 and once here in Westfield when she happened to be traveling relatively nearby in upstate New York when he was about 7 or 8. At the child dedication ceremony, it more or less became "official" that Robin was now Larry's godmother. I remember when we took her back to the Albany airport to leave after that trip, when she went out the door to the plane, he burst into tears and cried all the way back home. Sadly, he doesn't remember a lot about either of those visits but he does recall the second visit, when she went up in a fire-watch tower with him because I have vertigo and could not go up there with the park ranger (at DAR in Goshen, Mass.). Whenever there was an event, happy or sad, it seemed that we would pretty much always be on the phone with each other. I cannot believe that I can't do that again. Robin lived with us too, for a little while, in Hermosa Beach. I remember one time when Larry's hair was particularly long and she put it in little pigtails (I will try to find and post that picture though you can't see much of Robin in it). The apartment where we lived was on the second floor and there was a railing along the walkway to get to it, sometimes Larry would stand there looking like a little prisoner and Robin would chant "free the babies, free the babies." I also remember before having Larry, I would sometimes go with her to Laughing Coyote which I recall was something of a poetry/performance art venue at the Torrance Community Center (or somewhere like that). A couple of times, she and another friend of hers did this psycho chicks poetry thing wherein they wore ratty clothes, torn fishnets, matted up their hair and had on messed up make-up … what I wouldn't give for pictures of those performances! The last time that I spoke with Robin, she said something to the effect of how glad she was I had come to see her and that next time she would come to me. Well, on the day I found out she had passed, I attended a baby shower at which the momma-to-be sat in a big wicker, Morticia Addams' type chair and all I could think of was how Robin had pulled one of those out of being thrown away, when she lived with us in Hermosa, and she put it around the back of our apartment under some palm trees, near some honeysuckle, and had her morning coffee there all the time. So, in a way, she kind of DID come to me. The particular venue would not normally have that kind of chair and in fact it was the only one of that kind in the whole place. I took it as a message from her to me. How I love and miss you my sister-friend Robin!

Memory by Maggie   Oct 5, 2013
I REMEMBER Spending the night with Robin at Advocate Hospital while Catherine Blair was in the ICU. We were up over 24 hours straight. We got so slap happy at the hospital, and shared a lot of laughs. We came home around 10AM and literally both fell asleep on my bed, joking that she "slept" with a lesbian. hahah. More memories to come!

   Oct 4, 2013
I have been sitting at the computer trying to write something that conveys how much I love my mom. It is my intent to print the content here and have books made for her grandchildren. Alessia trounced up and asked what I was doing. I showed her this online memorial. She said it's fine, but Grandma Robin knows what we are doing and how we feel because she will always be looking out for us. Then, she proceeded to tell me she was going to bed. The only worthy Phase 10 opponent is Grandma Robin and she can't figure out a way to do that from heaven yet. My mom could be frustrating and difficult, but she loved all of us and we are better people for having her with us.

Memory by Janet Vallero   Oct 3, 2013
Missing my sister so much tonite..I remember one of our daily conversations just after she found out she had cancer she said to me "Just remember I'll always be your big sister rather I'm here or not" I know shes looking down & still playing that role!!!

Memory by Jean LaRose   Oct 1, 2013
Feeling sad tonight. Sonny and I went to Zion Church today to plan Robin's memorial service on October 13, 2013. We would this to be a celebration of her life, that is exactly the way Robin would want it, she loved life so much. Robin was so passionate about so many things. She loved singing and dancing. Robin journal daily. I remember one morning while we were having our morning phone chat, she asked me to write for her because the stupid cancer was messing with her eye sight and she could not see well enough to write. June 28, 2013 6:56 am Double rainbow yesterday. 7 children were killed. Seems to me the end of the world is near because god is letting children go because of what is going on in Chicago. Here Robin is not able to write and she is more concerned about the children....she was amazingly awesome

Memory by Donna Fischer Tischler   Sep 30, 2013
I grew up down the street from Robin and used to babysit for her all the time. She would let me listen to her music while I was there and one song in particular comes to mind, "Love to love you baby" by Donna Summer. I was fascinated by her music collection and thought she was the coolest person in our neighborhood. It sounds silly now but at the time (early 70's) that was a very risqué song. To this day, I think of her every time I hear that song. I lost touch with Robin, but years later I became very good friends with her sisters, Lynne, Jean and Janet, what a small world! My sincere condolences to her mom, children, grandchildren and family.

Candles & Flowers

Jul 19, 2014  

Jul 19, 2014  

Jul 19, 2014  

Posted by Jean LaRose
Jan 30, 2014  

miss you love you think about you daily and wish you were here!!!

Jan 13, 2014  

Posted by Jean LaRose
Jan 13, 2014  

Missing our talks and your funny self! 😘😘

Posted by Jean LaRose
Jan 1, 2014  

Happy New Year!!! Having my morning coffee and wanted to say good morning and wish you a Happy New Year. You are always on my mind and I miss you oh soooooooo much!!! I love you to the moon and back a million times.

Jan 1, 2014  

Posted by Jean LaRose
Dec 2, 2013  

opps.....candle was sent here are the

Posted by Jean LaRose
Dec 2, 2013  

I had to laugh out I am sending you a candle, I can hear you right now telling me those are TOXIC, please Jeanne dont burn them, furthermore I wished you would get rid of them. I will send you flowers :) I want you to know......U r missed more than you will ever know...I only wished we had more time w/you on earth!! Love you big sister and I will see you again

Posted by Brittney & MJ
Nov 28, 2013  

Happy Thanksgiving Grandma! I hope they have game shows in heaven. We are so thankful to have had you in our lives. Love you ❤️

Posted by Brittney & MJ
Nov 28, 2013  

Happy Thanksgiving Grandma! I hope they have game shows in heaven. We are so thankful to have had you in our lives. Love you ❤️

Posted by Price/sonny
Oct 27, 2013  

1 month in four hours. I miss you momma.

Posted by Linda
Oct 11, 2013  

You are on my mind & in my heart today. You will always be a sweet memory to me.

Posted by Jessica Carter
Oct 5, 2013  

Posted by Rikki - for Alessia
Oct 4, 2013  

"I really wish Grandma Robin was here to play Phase 10 with me. I miss you so much."

Posted by Janet Vallero
Oct 4, 2013  

Posted by Rom
Oct 1, 2013  

We had a a special bond, we understood each other. You always knew what was going through my mind even without me saying anything. I will always miss our talks. Thank you for helping me with the kids. You always thought about family first and I admire you for that. I love you and miss you. I'm glad your not in pain anymore and that you're in a better place watching over all of us.

Posted by Jean LaRose
Sep 30, 2013  

My older sister, I will miss you so much, more than you will ever know. I love you to the moon and back a thousand times. You have so much good about you, you cared deeply about so much and u were so proactive on your beliefs, which I will always admire you for that. I love you and will see you later. You cared about family and tried to keep the drama out of it. You worried about mom when you were sick, I could go on. Know I WUV you so much!!

Posted by Jean LaRose
Sep 30, 2013  

Posted by Concetta Smart
Sep 30, 2013  

Robin\'s Life has touched many others. Her example of caring for one another and caring for the Earth...her attention to the needs of others and sharing this awareness and need to work together for a better, life-giving world will continue to shine not only through her children, but in all she knew. Thank you Robin for being a candle in the darkness.

Posted by Linda Daniels
Sep 29, 2013  

God Bless you Robin. You will be missed.

Sep 29, 2013