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In Remembrance of Jorge Luis Garcia

29 April, 1954 ~ 8 May, 2014
Weslaco, TX, United States

Message from Emily Garcia:

" This is a memorial and information page for my father, Jorge, who passed away unexpectedly on May 8. I hope you can enjoy the photos I am sharing here and please post your own photos and memories of my dad. Love, Emily "


Text of the eulogy given at the funeral mass:
My father was a wonderful man. You all know this. He wasn't perfect, but he was generous and loving; strong-willed and hard-working; and he loved his family. Everywhere he went, he had a knack for making friends, building relationships and community. Building family. And that's why so many of you are here.

My father still lives in these families -- his genetic family, his work family, his pub family. I am so grateful that he had all of you. He loved you all. And I also love you all; for being here and for loving him, too. As we are all missing him dearly, I hope (and I think he would hope) that we can all care for each other.

I'm going to keep this very short because I have really only one thing to say.

You all carry pieces of my father with you.

And so I'd like to encourage you all to care for each other by telling your stories of him. Good stories and funny stories and imperfect stories. The way he created community and family, how you met him at a job in Alabama or how you used to steal his beers when you were a toddler or the times he cared for you by feeding you or helping you out.

Let's all share them with each other at the pub this afternoon. And let's share them on the memorial site for everyone to read or whenever we see each other. He will live on in our stories and that's really the best thing I could ask for.

Memorial Events:

Visitation - Tuesday, May 13; 6 - 8 pm (Rosary at 6:30)
Turrentine Jackson Morrow
8520 Main Street, Frisco, TX 75033

Funeral Mass - Wednesday, May 14; 10 am
Holy Cross Catholic Church
7000 Morning Star Drive, The Colony TX 75056
Interment and reception to follow









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