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In Remembrance of David Allen

17 August, 1946 ~ 17 October, 2017
United Kingdom

Message from Tony Rothschild:

" A person's life is defined not just by their accomplishments (and Dave had many), but by the quality and depth of their friendships, the lives that they touched and the many people who love them.

This website is for all of us who loved Dave, to share our thoughts, memories, photos and ultimately our grief as we try to come to terms with this untimely loss. Dave would have liked us to miss him but not too much! "


David (Daudi) sadly passed away on October 17th after courageous battle with cancer. Dave will be sadly missed by Dave’s wife June and 2 sons, Simon and Paul as well as Dave's sisters and family as well as his many friends.

There is a dedication for Dave with the Old Cambrian Society on November ​12​th in Toronto.

Dave was born on 17th August 1946 in Liverpool and came out to Kenya with his family as an infant, where his Dad helped set up the pig industry in Kenya. Dave lived in Nakuru, Londiani and Nairobi. He wanted to be a vet and had been accepted at an Australian University. However his neighbours in Londiani hired a crop sprayer to spray neighbouring farms. Dave was asked if he would like to go along for the ride and he was immediately hooked on flying. He took flying lessons at Nakuru. His first job was working for a company that was capturing wild animals. He then joined Flying Doctors and for a time was based in Moshi. He did his Commercial Licences in Florida. At Flying Doctors Dave was very much in demand for search and rescue and often found stricken planes and passengers. After Flying Doctors Dave taught flying at Wilson Airport when he was with Safari Air as an instructor. He was also a flight examiner. He also did some freelance flying for Boskovic Air Charters as did many young Kenya pilots; where he learned many clever flying tips from “Boskie”. Dave also involved in Sales at Safari Air with Ken Crabtree and Dave Leonard as the Cessna sales agents for East Africa and surrounding countries.

Dave joined EAA in 1975 as direct entry Capt then became training Capt on DC3’s. He was to become VC10 F/O but unfortunately East African Airways collapsed just after Dave finished the VC10 simulator course. Although he enjoyed airline flying, he still loved bush flying and the smaller planes; especially early morning flights which was his favourite time of day. Dave then had a successful career in aircraft sales as well as getting his engineering licences.

When Dave and family came to Canada he worked as an engineer on Vancouver Island. When the recession of the 80’s hit, aviation suffered badly in BC but Dave was lucky enough to be asked to join British Aerospace in England, covering Africa. He was then asked to open up the Canadian Office for BAe based in Toronto, which meant that the family was able to return to Canada. He also worked for the Toronto City Centre Airport (Billy Bishop), did a number of different consulting roles in the aviation world and finally ended up running the airport in Saint John New Brunswick as CEO. This was a job and place that Dave and June both loved but due to his health and medical needs they had to return to the Toronto area. His name is David Andrew Allen but it was a Tanzanian guy he worked with in Flying Doctor, who Dave got on extremely well with, who always used to call Dave “Daudi”, the African way of saying David and so it stuck! Kwaheri Daudi. Ende pole pole

Dave went to Nakuru School, then Lugard School when that opened as his mother taught at both schools. He was at the Prince of Wales School in Hawke House 1960 - 1964. Dave was a keen Organiser of the Old Cambrian Society reunion lunches (Ontario, Canada).

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