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Robert Lee Winegar
United States
1981 - 2017

David Allen
United Kingdom
1946 - 2017

Hugh Hefner
United States

Jessica Evans
United States
1987 -

Latest candles & flowers

Posted by Aiden for Vincent Fougere Jr.,  Nov 1, 2020
“Missing you ❤️🙏”
Posted by Paul for John Wheeler III,  Oct 20, 2020
for lewis warren-keel ,  Aug 5, 2020
Posted by Aiden for Vincent Fougere Jr.,  Jul 21, 2020
“Miss you❤️🤟”
Posted by Lise for Jean-Claude Trepanier,  Jul 20, 2020
“Forever loved, forever remembered.”

Celebrities & Public Figures Memorials

Steve Jobs
United States
1955 - 2011

Nate Dogg
United States
1969 - 2011

Mike Starr
United States

1966 - 2011

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