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Chan Weisel
United States
1938 - 2016

Denis Bernard Matthews
United Kingdom
1939 - 2016

Emma leigh barker
United States
2007 - 2009

Dale Clifford Harris
United Kingdom
1989 - 2014

Latest candles & flowers

Posted by Robby McEwen for Chan Weisel,  Apr 19, 2016
“Thank you Jan for being a bright light to ever...”
Posted by Peter Fowler Weisel (Brother) for Chan Weisel,  Apr 10, 2016
“Chan, You were a good big brother. You al...”
Posted by Peter Weiesel for Chan Weisel,  Apr 10, 2016
“Dad, I miss you already. Thank you so much...”
Posted by Falisha Langi for Jasminder langi,  Feb 26, 2016
“Still think about you dad... Alot just watched...”
Posted by Ruvina for Jasminder langi,  Feb 15, 2016
“Hey Dad, Mayas 14 months now, shes so beautifu...”

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Steve Jobs
United States
1955 - 2011

Nate Dogg
United States
1969 - 2011

Mike Starr
United States

1966 - 2011

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